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RATE Criticism Backfires

The RATE project ( Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth ) was an eight-year project to examine and clarify assumptions regarding "deep time". The results upset uniformitarian geologists, especially since it showed serious errors in their methodology. Several critics attempted to debunk the intensive study, mostly through "No it's not!" circular reasoning. However, a few managed to find some items that warranted further examination. Valles Caldera / / Photo by Sally King Dr. Russell Humphreys was accidentally helped by a critic. He gave further scrutiny to some material, and it gave further support to the RATE project — especially since important data from evolutionists was conveniently omitted. Even using uniformitarian assumptions, "deep time" is still deeply flawed. Recently a critic of the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE) creation research project inadvertently helped me find a new line of evidence supporting the b

Radiometric Dating — The Thrill Is Gone?

morgueFile/xandert (modified)  No scientist is neutral regarding data (despite the claims of Darwin's Cheerleaders). Everyone has a starting point. Creation scientists have long pointed out flaws and inconsistencies in radiometric dating. Evolution scientists obtain inconsistent results that are cherry-picked to fit their uniformitarian, fundamentally flawed presuppositions. Scientists put forward models and ideas and see if the data support them. Creationists from the RATE Project have been frustrating uniformitarian scientists . But they are not in lockstep on their models or their findings, and are continuing their investigations and analyses. Radiometric dating is  still a faulty argument  against biblical history.  Naturalistic geolo­gists often  “cherry-pick” dates  they deem appropriate to their particular studies.  Carbon-14  has been found in coal and diamond samples  supposedly be billions of years old , even though the half-life of  14 C is only 5730 years. The