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Brian Sims and the Increasing Fanaticism of Abortionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen People who support abortion are frequently vehement in their views, but it should give Brian Sims (a Democrat member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives) reason to pause when both pro-life and pro-abortion people agree that he is out of line . It is obvious that he is a bully. However, I am not going to spend much time dealing with what has already been covered in the news. Instead, we are going to ride along a slightly different trail and learn some important things. Credit: Freestocks / Joanna Malinowska Before we return to Brian Sims, some other items need to be mentioned. I learned quite a bit from The Chris Stigall Show podcasts, including interviews and his own insight, so I thank him for that. I recommend the podcast called " The Great Pushback " at the 19 min. 34 sec. mark for an excellent discussion. Free to listen online or download. The Evolution Deception Regular readers know that I am strongly pro-life. A child is f

Video Review — "The Fool" by Ray Comfort

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Obtaining and reviewing The Fool by Ray Comfort/Living Waters has been a goat rodeo for me. I knew it was going to be released, and one of the web sites indicated February 2019, so I passed. Later, I checked again and saw that the release date been moved out. I purchased the video downloads to help the ministry and see them (the second being "The Angry Atheist") in advance. However, I wanted my review to coincide with the release of The Fool , so I contacted Living Waters. The fellow I spoke with did not know, but his supervisor believed it would be released two weeks after Easter. Nope. Looks like it was released to YouTube at midnight their time on Sunday, April 21. So I moved this review to almost the top of my priority list. Early Days New Zealand native Ray Comfort has been an evangelist for years. He is a "walk the talk" guy, living what he says. Mr Comfort is involved in street preaching , and sometimes people get mighty hosti

Evidential or Presuppositional Apologetics?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Although I have written on a similar topic before (" Presuppositions and Fallacies in Evolutionary Science "), I wanted to develop the subject further and provide some resources. Both articles are mainly written to edify Christians. The word apology has somewhat devolved over time so that common usage means someone is sorry: "I apologize for stealing your horse and shooting up the town". Simply put, apologetics is the branch of Christian theology that deals with giving a reasoned defense of the faith . We have to be careful to distinguish the word's usage, since there are atheist apologists, Mohammedan apologists, Roman Catholic apologists, and various non-religious apologists as well. So from here on out, I'm discussing Christian apologetics. There are various schools of apologetics.  Perhaps some people choose an apologetic method because they admire celebrities that use a particular version. I've seen from three to

"Evolution vs. God" Video Available

After a great deal of anticipation (and attacks, even before it was available), Ray Comfort's video " Evolution vs. God " was released on August 7, 2013. It can be purchased on DVD , or watched for free on their site, YouTube or wherever it has been embedded (such as on this page). The entire video, intro to promos, runs just over 38 minutes. Atheists are furious, attacking it with typical lack of logic . Which reminds me...some of the atheists that were interviewed were trying to appear intellectual, that they accepted evolution and rejected belief in God because of honestly exploring and evaluating the evidence. Their words indicate otherwise.  Something that stood out for me is how people accepted evolution strictly on faith, without evidence. They trusted the opinions of authority figures, and would believe whatever is in the textbooks, and do not know that they are being lied to . (In fact, I believe that many atheists are engaging in what I ref