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Mosquitoes, Diseases, and Creation

While it's good to examine various creatures, whether in person or from some kind of monitor, to admire their specified complexity. I'll allow that I detest mosquitoes. Although only the female wants blood (and over forty species don't bother with it), they pollinate and drink nectar, and not all carry diseases, I'm not going to examine one to see if it's harmless. I smash it. Don't be giving me that look, you know you do it too. Asian tiger mosquito image credit: CDC/ James Gathany Aside from the itching bumps from a bite and wondering if the dreadful thing carried  West Nile virus , the Zika virus , or something else nasty, some people are concerned about their effects on horses, cattle, and animals as well (see " The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Management on the Farm "). Interestingly, their desire for human blood seems to be a comparatively "recent" development. But if God created everything "very good", how can these thi