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Evolution, Creation, and Legal Rights for Trees

People have been trying for some time now to give legal status to parts of nature, which most folks find...truly bizarre.  Rivers can file lawsuits , an  elephant was declared a person for a while , and more. At least Utah and some other states are not participating in this madness . Yet. Nature "rights" are rooted in evolutionary beliefs. Think about it: We all evolved from a common ancestor, so humans are not special — and not created in the image of God. Indeed, many environmentalists are actually  engaging in goddess worship . Now we are to talk to trees? Dead trees, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen People giving legal status to things in nature lower the status of humans, and wanting to talk to trees is not helping matters. Yes, they have their own communications systems, but denizens of the Wood Wide Web are not exactly having discussions or developing a culture. Yet some evolutionists think that every living thing has intelligence. An image of vegetables floating around

Creation and the Dominion Mandate

With the possible exception of Darwinistic laissez-faire capitalists , most people think it is a good idea to take care of the environment. Today is Earth Day. (No coincidence that it is also Lenin's birthday .) Good work for the environment was hijacked by leftists, but now they are more concerned with foisting anthropogenic climate change on the masses. Some are so weird, they want to give rivers and lakes personhood status ! These people are evolutionists, but ironically, caring for the environment is in keeping with biblical creationist principles. Cattle, Pixnio / Hagerty Ryan, USFWS Back in Genesis, God gave Adam and Eve responsibilities to care for the Garden. This is called the dominion mandate . We are stewards and receive many of the benefits, but ultimately, God is the owner (see Psalm 50:7-15). It is not an exact comparison, but Mark 12:1-12 has the Parable of the Tenants. They worked for the owner and received some of the goods, but he retained all the rights — even a

Pristine Wilderness is a Myth?

As people are celebrating Lenin's birthday , which is also Earth Day, they are advocating for the ethical treatment of animals , taking care of the environment, and other decent things. Keep an eye on the radicals who hijack noble efforts for their own ends. There is talk of "pristine wilderness." What does that really mean? Uncorrupted by civilization, some might say. Others would say that it means untouched by humans. When evolutionary thinking is added to the mix, things get...truly bizarre. Amazon Rainforest, Flickr /  Ivan Mlinaric  ( CC BY 2.0 ) There are people who think that humans taint everything, and the world would be better off if there was no technology, medical science, society, or anything else. Humans have influenced pretty much everything, even areas that are considered pristine, for millennia. Strangely, these extremists are inconsistent with their evolutionary ideas: Since we all allegedly evolved from a common ancestor and evolved to the top of the he

Happy Earth Day Birthday, Comrade Lenin

USSR souvenier sheet commemorating Lenin's 100th Birthday Здра́вствуйте tова́рищ! Славься, Отечество наше свободное, Дружбы народов надёжный оплот! Партия Ленина - сила народная Нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт! Today is the birthday of Ленин — Lenin. Looks like I went "Russian" into this post. I won't get high "Marx" for it... More commonly, it is celebrated worldwide as "Earth Day". It is a multifaceted. One one level, it is great to take notice of our environment and make personal choices to keep things clean. It is difficult to image any thinking person who is opposed to such things, and most people seem to be observing it with good intentions. Earth Day is also observed by pagans [ 1 ,  2 ] , and there is other planet-loving wackiness, too [ 3 , 4 ] . But another level is more insidious. This involves government intrusion, taxation, regulation, political lunacy and more. It is strange that what should be a simpl