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Friday, December 18, 2020

Genetic Entropy and You

There are some creationists who advise against using the Laws of Thermodynamics, entropy, and that sort of thing in discussions about evolution. We tend to misuse these things. It is a fact, though, that everything winds down. This applies to you and me.

Genetic entropy is powerful evidence for recent creation, but purveyors of evoporn misrepresent its importance. In fact, it has relevance to COVID-19.
Background image: Pixabay / PixxlTeufel,
modified with COVID-19 image, then FotoSketcher
In a way, it should be obvious. Your vehicle will not become less rusty or repair itself. Machines wear out and break down. Foundations in buildings settle and cracks appear in various places. People grow old and die, and then have to stand before their Creator.

Before we continue, I suggest reading "Mendel's Accountant Continues to Fluster Evolutionists". It's not essential, but helpful.

Genetic entropy is extremely strong for affirming recent creation,  and for refuting deep-time minerals-to-misotheist evolution. Although our Creator built in processes to repair our DNA and mitigate damages, mutations do occur and accumulate. Darwin's acolytes are angry about the hand they've been dealt, so they try to re-deal from the bottom of the deck by making arbitrary excuses.

Genetic entropy exists in humans and higher animals, but it is more pronounced; it happens on lower levels of complexity as well.

The overwhelming majority of mutations are harmful — a fact that evolutionists acknowledge. Some think their ace in the hole is a claim that there are neutral mutations, and if they build up, then their deity of Natural Selection will deign to remove the unfit. Doesn't work that way, old son. Try to understand the concept before making excuses.

We have mentioned genetic entropy a few times, but what follows is the best article for us reg'lar folks to understand.
People die for many reasons, but if you are fortunate enough to escape death through war, crime, random accidents or illness, entropy will always be there to ensure you meet your Maker. Generally speaking, entropy is the universal tendency for things to run down and fall apart.

Not surprisingly, the same tendency is at work in entire populations, generation after generation. We now know, thanks largely to the work of Dr John Sanford (renowned plant geneticist and genetic engineering pioneer from Cornell University), that the same gradual process of ‘running down’ is also operating in the human gene pool.

Called genetic entropy, it is driving humanity—and all higher organisms—to the point of extinction (barring divine intervention, of course). In fact, this process, which operates more rapidly in ‘higher’ organisms, means that the human species could only be several thousand years old; certainly not hundreds of thousands of years, or we would have already become extinct.

You can read the rest over at "Genetic entropy: The silent killer — A devastatingly powerful argument against evolution". The next article is a bit more technical, but we can see how some owlhoots will try to dismiss real science in favor of evoporn.

Evoporn definition

A popular way of discrediting science from biblical creationists (aside from ignoring the truth) is to discredit it through misrepresentation. Sometimes this is done through deliberate deception, but less malevolent ways simply come down to hand-waving dismissals, refusal to do their homework, irrelevant material, prejudicial conjecture, and the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.

It is indeed unfortunate that by disregarding the most important creationist paper on this subject, evolutionary thinking once again hinders medical science. It has relevance to the Wuhan COVID-19 virus.

We expect such things from those with Atheist Spectrum Disorder on socialist media, but is is disgraceful when actual scientists use these tactics in order to light prayer candles to the Bearded Buddha and protect the narrative of naturalism. What follows are refutations of louche claims made by credentialed scientists by creation scientists. It is easy to tell that the Darwinists had not bothered to learn what they were attempting to refute. Perhaps they were appealing to their "authority" as scientists who were swatting away the st00pid dumb creationists. Take a look.
There are several ways in which evolutionists attempt to evade the effects of genetic entropy. Objections have included appeals to truncation selection, synergistic epistasis, mutation counts, and debates over the ‘true’ mutation spectrum. These have been analyzed separately and in combination and found to be wanting.

The evolutionary community has not given in. Several attempts have been made to discredit GE, but these efforts have not been strong. Basic misunderstandings of what GE claims, what evolution claims, and the power of the respective alternatives abound. For example, see Critic ignores reality of Genetic Entropy. The debate has continued on Dr. Joshua Swamidass’ Peaceful Science blog. He is an evolutionist and the author of The Genealogical Adam and Eve (GAE), which received a scathing review on Creation.com. We find his science to be not at all ‘peaceful’, but openly hostile to the views of biblical creationists. In fact, he openly admits that his GAE hypothesis represents a sort of Hegelian synthesis between creationism and evolutionism. Readers be cautioned! Tricky rhetorical flourishes are not good arguments, but they abound in those pages.

To read this interesting article, see "Responding to supposed refutations of genetic entropy from the ‘experts’". To really dig in, you may wish to watch this video discussion on genetic entropy between Drs. James Tour and John Sanford. If you're short on time, here's a 1-minute video:

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Friday, August 7, 2020

No Evolution Needed for Plagues

My prospector friend Stormie Waters was heading out Folly Road, but she was woolgathering and not paying attention so she missed her turn-off. Out past Stinking Lake, near Deception Pass, almost to the Darwin Ranch when she met up with Jacqueline Hyde. For some reason, they commenced to jawing about evolution and plagues.

Once again, evolutionists are tainting medical science with their self-refuting views. The observed evidence supports recent creation.
Original image: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Modified with oil painting effect from FotoSketcher
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents by anyone anywhere)

As I heard about it, Jacqueline was saying that the hands at the Darwin Ranch are trying again to make everything about evolution, like they are doing with the COVID-19. Those sidewinders should learn that evolution corrupts science. There were two studies released in the week of July 20, 2020 regarding plagues and diseases. One involved mosquitoes that involved speculations that were self-refuting, the other was about smallpox and the activities of viruses. Instead of applying evolution, the studies would have made sense if the researchers weren't locked into their old-earth naturalism and used recent creation for their framework.
Smallpox and mosquitoes illustrate how diseases can arise quickly and spread through human populations.
This year, or late in 2019, a virus jumped from an animal host (probably a bat) to humans, and within months, the world is suffering the consequences of SARS-CoV-2. Is this an example of “evolution”? We can see from two other plagues reported in science news this week that pathogenicity can arise quickly by gene inactivation or opportunism – not evolution.
To read the rest, click on "Plagues Can Arise Quickly Without Evolution".

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

COVID-19 and Consensus Confusion

When people talk about consensus, it generally means that there is an overwhelming agreement. The public has a strange mixture of admiration and suspicion for scientists, but they tend to fall in line when confronted with "consensus science" claims about universal common descent evolution, anthropogenic climate change, and more. With the COVID-19 crisis, we are learning more about how scientists act.

The  COVID-19 crisis has taught scientists many things, and taught many people about science and worldviews.
Made from Piltdown Gang by John Cooke, 1915
As we saw in "An Abundance of Dubious Models", healthcare professionals and scientists had to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time. Not only does the COVID-19 coronavirus research have leftist political influences, but there is no "consensus science". Indeed, the professor with the dire predictions that affected so many people was so wrong, he resigned in disgrace. We also see quite clearly that science is no done from an intellectual or morally neutral approach: everyone interprets data from their own worldviews, so the overall picture is not so sharp.
Are people growing weary of scientific experts giving them contradictory instructions for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? It seems that there may be an increasing willingness by politicians and ordinary citizens alike to question the reliability of scientific pronouncements by experts—at least by those addressing this pandemic. Some state governors have taken to interpreting the data (as well as all of the different expert opinions) for themselves. This has led to different state responses. . . .
Getting scientific agreement on relatively straightforward interpretations of data is simple enough. If a panel of experts was asked the question: Is the spread of COVID-19 an outbreak, an epidemic, or a pandemic? The data clearly support the interpretation that the world is facing a pandemic. However, agreement on interpretations of data breaks down quickly when more complex questions are applied to it. One of the best studies illustrating this problem was recently published as it relates to neuroimages.
To read the full article, click on "Different Interpretations of Same Data Is Routine".

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Monday, May 11, 2020

More Evolution and the Coronavirus Pandemic

It will be nice to be able to stop writing and posting about COVID-19, but we have to keep going so we can provide useful information and also refute falsehoods that tinhorns for Darwin are spreading.

Evolutionists are still trying to shove their views into the COVID-19 crisis, and their entire worldview is incoherent and unlivable. Also, their morality itself is dubious.

We saw this in "Evolution and the Coronavirus Pandemic" and "COVID-19, Up Jumps Incendiary Darwinist Opportunism". Now we have a bit more from opportunists who believe in not allowing a good crisis go to waste — may as well propagandize, huh, Darwinists? Following that is a second article showing how their worldview is inconsistent.

Before we get to the two articles linked below, there is something that I have not seen discussed in creationist material. That is the concept of herd immunity (also known by the cumbersome title of community immunity). We saw in another article that the Wuhan Virus is something for evolutionists to celebrate, since it mostly kills the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions. Correct me if I'm disunderstanding or misrepresenting the concept, but I reckon that herd immunity means most people get a virus like this, build up immunity, and move on. Sure, some will die, but that's the way it goes. Isn't herd immunity something else that Darwinists would applaud?

Some evolutionists insist on applying "survival of the fittest", a term that is nonsensical (may as well say, "survival of the survivors") and spoiling good research. Although debated, most scientists do not consider viruses to be living things. They are more like machines. People with the best immune systems (which our Creator engineered, but no credit is given) are the fittest. (That is, until the next contagion comes along and kills off other people.) Letting those deemed "unfit" die is contrary to the sensibilities of most people, since we are wired to give love and render aid.
Two Darwinians inject “survival of the fittest” into the current crisis. So if the virus kills a patient, is it the fittest?

Across America and the world, volunteers are working hard to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. On Special Report (Fox News) today [May 5, 2020], host Bret Baier interviewed Chef Jose Andres, whose organization World Central Kitchen is providing 225,000 meals a day to people across America, regardless of politics, religion or age, who just need a plate of food to keep going. With help from restaurateurs and chefs in cooperation with governors and mayors, they have already served more than 4.5 million fresh meals in 200 cities. Jose’s passion to serve his fellow Americans to help the country get through the crisis is evident in his expression and gestures. Injecting Darwinism into this scene would be like playing white noise so loud that the host and guest would have to run for cover.

That’s essentially what two Darwinians from the University of South Carolina have done. Look at the title of their piece at The Conversation above a huge picture of Darwin’s hoary face with baggy eyes: “What does ‘survival of the fittest’ mean in the coronavirus pandemic? Look to the immune system.” Pragash and Mitzi Nagarkatti offer this blessing to the likes of Jose Andres:
To read the rest of this first article, click on "Keep Darwinism Out of Pandemic Response". Come back for the next item if you've a mind to. I hope so.

"Nature doesn't care about you", wrote Stephen Asma. Neither does my car, an office building, or a light bulb. None are sentient beings, despite the animistic and pantheistic malarkey of some Darwinists. Come on, man! Asma also tried to slap leather with God by firing at God and Christians. But his entire diatribe is irrational and inconsistent. Rejecting the Creator doesn't make him go away. Nor does mockery and misrepresentation. His evolutionism is his religion and his epistemology is incoherent, revealing that his basis for morality is shifting sand.
As of the time of writing [May 5, 2020], we are in the midst of a global viral outbreak (a pandemic) known as COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”). The majority of us are being confined to our homes in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the disease (“shelter in place”), the goal of which being to save human lives, and protect the most vulnerable in our communities such as the elderly or immunocompromised people.

Commenting on this situation, the New York Times featured an article called:

Does the Pandemic Have a Purpose? Only if we give it one. The coronavirus is neither good nor bad. It wants only to reproduce.
Yes, that is a lengthy title. This is an opinion piece by Mr. Stephen Asma, a professor of philosophy. Obviously an attempt to capture an uplifting tone in the midst of this crisis, Mr. Asma’s opening line is, “Nature doesn’t care about you.”
To finish reading this enlightening article, click on "The deep inconsistency of evolutionism, revealed amid the COVID-19 crisis".

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Climate Change Factors Part 1

There is global warming. The Creator designed Earth to heat up and cool down, and he even put the sun up there on the fourth day of Creation Week to facilitate the process. There are some people who insist that we are the cause of global warming. However, there are important facts that get ignored.

Many important factors regarding the production of carbon dioxide are being discovered, and some people wonder if the COVID-19 crisis causing a slowdown of industrial activity plays a part.
Credit: PIXNIO / Tim Hill
The first facts that climate change alarmists need to realize is that it is not "settled science". It cannot be, especially since we do not have all the facts and understand all the sources of what can contribute to climate change. A big part of climate change is rooted an atheistic beliefs in deep time, and an a priori commitment to naturalism — God is not there, and therefore not in control. (Also, keep in mind that the extremists have leftist political agendas and have been known to twist the data and even lie outright to achieve their ends. It's really sad that some people have to politicize science and others of us have to point out the truth.) Supposedly, an important factor in global warming is carbon dioxide. You know, the stuff we exhale and that plants need, then they return the favor by releasing the oxygen that we need?

An overlooked contributor to carbon dioxide is mountain streams.
Recently, a new study published in Nature Communications found that mountain streams may be much larger contributors to the global carbon cycle than previously believed. The study suggests that this is a consequence of the higher turbulence levels of most mountain streams.
Lead author Åsa Horgby, of the Stream Biofilm and Ecosystem Research Laboratory at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and co-authors found that mountain streams release 184 million US tons of carbon globally each year. This is roughly the same as the total global output of CO2 from all tropical streams and their floodplains, yet mountain streams cover much less surface area.
To read the rest, go to "Massive Releases of CO2 from Mountain Streams". I hope you'll come back for the next section.

Another important factor in carbon dioxide production is from volcanic activity. Volcanoes push a great deal of it into the air, and have been doing so for a mighty long time (which has been verified by examination of the contents of rocks). There was a great deal of volcanism, climate change leading to the Ice Age, and more during the Genesis Flood, and Earth has been adjusting ever since.
Recently, a new study published in Nature Communications has suggested that pulses of massive amounts of lava can release as much CO2 as humanity will produce for the entire 21st century. This indicates that volcanic activity, especially during the global Flood and right after, likely produced tremendous amounts of CO2 that has far outweighed any produced by humans.
This really should be no surprise, because today’s volcanoes still produce vast amounts of CO2 and water. However, these scientists were able to find evidence of vast quantities of ancient CO2 still trapped in the rocks themselves.
You can read the rest of this second installment by clicking on "Massive Releases of CO2 from Volcanism Rival Humans". I'd be much obliged if you'd come back for the final featured item.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only cost lives, but reactions to it have put many people on standby or entirely out of work. This unpleasant aspect provided an opportunity to examine a hypothesis: carbon dioxide caused by human activity should be down quite a bit. However, that would not be so easy to measure, especially with the other sources and the assumptions that human activity is directly responsible for global warming.

But CO2 increases after warming has occurred, which it can be measured. Secularists are married up with the debunked Milakovitch Theory, which is used to claim that there are variations in the earth's rotation over long periods that affect climate and ice ages (of which only one can be demonstrated to have occurred). The claims include how sunlight changes through this affect climate change. If you study on it, this is self-refuting by their standards, because climate changes happened before humans allegedly evolved — we cannot be responsible. Go measure a volcano or mountain stream, pilgrim.
Some are pointing out that the coronavirus shutdown presents an opportunity to test a major climate change assumption. Because global industrial activity has been curtailed due to the pandemic, pollution in certain urban areas has decreased dramatically. This decrease in industrial activity should also theoretically decrease global carbon dioxide emissions. One of the main assumptions behind concern over global warming is that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is due to human activity, not natural causes. The decrease in economic activity provides an opportunity to test that assumption.
Scientists have been measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory since 1958, and they are still making those measurements even today. If human activity is indeed the cause of the observed increase in atmospheric CO2, then there should be a small downward dip in atmospheric CO2, resulting from the coronavirus shutdown. However, such a trend would take time to become noticeable, and other effects would need to first be taken into account.
To read the rest of this important article, and our last for today, click on "Shutdown: Chance to Test Climate Change Assumption". To keep this warm big blue marble rolling, see "Climate Change Factors Part 2". ADDENDUM 6-06-2020: The shutdown did not falsify the idea that we are responsible for increased carbon dioxide, nor did the test validate climate alarmism, as there are other factors to consider. To see the follow-up, click on "Testing a Climate Change Assumption: Update".

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Coronavirus and Faith in Scientism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

There are people who label biblical creationists with the absurd pejorative "science deniers" because we reject atheistic interpretations of historical science regarding fish-to-fool evolution. (Labeling is easier than thinking.) Having faith in operational science is justified to some extent, but some do it religiously.

People who have rejected the Creator substitute the atheistic religion of scientism. This is an absurd reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before we continue, it should be noted again that mockers accuse creationists of creating the distinction between operational and historical science, but that is demonstrably false.

The COVID-19 novel Coronavirus has people frightened. This is exacerbated by several factors: leftist politicians using the situation to gain power and instill fear, confusing and unreliable models, fake news sites citing spurious "studies", Darwin's disciples falsely claiming that it is evidence of evolution, and so on. In the midst of all this, the public wants scientists to make things better. Unfortunately, God has been evicted from modern life for the most part.

There are atheists who use the bifurcation fallacy (either/or) that if Christians pray, then we are hypocritical if we see doctors. It doesn't work that way. In addition, we can and should pray for God to give medical professionals skill, wisdom, and compassion in their development and distribution of effective treatments.

Many scientists believe in and promote naturalism, even to the point of giving presuppositions of naturalism precedence over observed evidence. Since there is no room for God (although people have an innate desire for him), they replace God with various religious views. One of these is a more extreme view of materialism and naturalism (to me, there is scant difference between the two) that is called scientism. It is basically an adoration of science and scientists — though some scientists are not fond of the devotion that they receive from the public. 

When God is rejected and things like pandemics occur, religiously resorting to scientism is a poor substitute. It refutes itself under examination, because there is no scientific process that can lead one to the conclusion that science alone is the salvation of humanity. For that matter, many things that were considered scientific facts have been rejected; scientism is built on a foundation of shifting sand.

At this point, I will ask you to read or listen to The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler. He has some fascinating and useful insights on these subjects. Feel free to ignore the political aspects, but they also add to our understanding:
PART I — Is Science the Answer to Death? A Secularizing Society Grapples With How To Think About Death During a Pandemic
PART II — The Most Certain Thing There Is—Science? Even Commercials Have Worldviews
PART III — C.S. Lewis on Turning a Fascination with Science into Scientism: The Incompatibility of Scientism and the Biblical Worldview
PART IV — Science Ends Bernie Sanders’s ‘Beauty Contest’: New York Cancels Democratic Primary
To do that listening or reading, click on "Tuesday, April 28, 2020". You may also be interested in reading "Ethics, Scientism, and an Evolutionary Worldview".

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Save the Planet by Killing Humans?

Updated and addendum added 4-23-2020. 

It should not be surprising to learn that Earth Day is on the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), since good ideas about taking care of the environment are a masque for more sinister purposes. Environmental extremists hold to old Earth and evolutionary views. I didn't realize it was the 50th Earth Day anniversary until it was happening.

Atheists and leftists are opportunists that find ways to advance their agendas. Extreme environmentalism includes saving Earth by eliminating people and gaining control over them.
Credit: Pixabay / Čeština
Atheists and leftists (Lenin was both) will manufacture a false crisis or exploit a real one. For example, they have been saddling up and riding with the Darwinists to manipulate facts and emotions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

To enact Draconian controls over the sheeple and institute Marxism, some falsely claim that Earth is overpopulated and that such growth is unsustainable. Such views often come from the ridiculous assertions of Paul Ehrlich who based his views on Malthus. Of course, Marx approved of Charles Darwin, and neither believed that people are created separately by God from the animals.

In a confused Malthusian polemic, Dr. John Reid (not to be confused with this Dr. John Reid) wanted to eliminate large numbers of the population, discard religion, use Marxist principles, and more. Play God and decide who is worth keeping alive — but not those old people who have served their purpose. I recommend the book Taking Up Space which is even more prescient today than when it was written, see my review here

People who watch the fourth season of the second MacGyver series know about File 47. It is a blueprint to destroy millions of people through engineered natural disasters and such, and the episodes about this are startlingly relevant today. For that matter, so is the article from 2007 (linked below). Be aware, though, that there is some hyperbole used for emphasis.
Who says ideas do not have consequences? Ideas are not just neutral, ethereal concepts with no bearing on life. Quite the contrary. Bad ideas have bad consequences. And good ideas have good consequences.

One very bad idea which leads to some very nasty consequences is materialistic reductionism. This is the idea that only matter matters. It is a severely reductionist way of looking at reality, and is the basis of many harmful worldviews, such as Marxism.

A good example of the ugly consequences of lousy ideas came out in an ABC (Australia) Radio National program last December. The December 10 [2006] Ockham’s Razor, hosted by the antitheist Robyn Williams, featured a talk by Melbourne neuroscientist Dr John Reid.
To finish reading, click on "Melbourne atheist: the exterminator — Chillingly consistent application of evolution". 

I'm going to put this ADDENDUM (well, sorta) right here. After this post went up, I heard Dr. Albert Mohler's episode of The Briefing for Earth Day. (Strange that he didn't mention Lenin, though.) 
Part I — Today Is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day: So, What’s That Really About?
Part II — How Should Christians Think about the Earth and the Environment? Dominion and Stewardship in the Biblical Worldview
Part III — A New Religion for Secularists? The Modern Ecological Movement Reveals a Theological Substructure
It is excellent, and I'd be much obliged if you'd read, download, or listen online. To do that, click on "Wednesday, April 22, 2020".

Also, I think you would be interested in "Radical Environmentalism and the War on Humans" and "Deluded Guardians of the Planet".

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Abundance of Dubious Models

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Models and simulations are important in many areas related to science, but they are only as good as the information that are utilized. Regular readers have seen many posts with links to articles discussing faulty models (including yesterday's "Increasing Dark Matter Desperation") using mathematics and various scenarios.

Models and projections are important to many scientific disciplines. This COVID-19 Coronavirus has been especially difficult for many reasons.
Credit: Freeimages / Sanja Gjenero
No researcher is completely unbiased and objective. They operate from their worldviews, presuppositions, and agendas. Many times, important data are ignored or even suppressed, which frequently happens with global climate change models. Michael Mann used a fraudulent "hockey stick" graph to support global warming. Indeed, environmentalists are driven by their emotions and agendas, with predictions that have failed many times over the years, often suppressing pertinent information and indulging in fake science (see "Climate Change Alarmism vs God" and "Deluded Guardians of the Planet"). Both evolutionists and environmental extremists are often guilty of tampering with data.

When dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, many models have been produced. Healthcare officials in governments around the world went into action with the data they had. Projections of extremely high death rates frightened many people, and COVID-19 is very contagious — but it is not nearly as lethal as other diseases. The survival rate is very high, but it is a long road to full recovery. The virus began in Wuhan, China, but the ChiComs gave false information that would have saved many lives. People depend on the World Health Organization for serious and accurate information, but details are coming to light that WHO may be complicit with China.

At the end of January, COVID-19 was considered no big deal, and people like New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Peolsi were urging people to get into crowded places in February and March. Warnings had been given but these politicians made things worse for people.

Many sources of information prompt us to question the validity of the models, but we tend to laugh off absurd studies such as flatulence spreading COVID-19 or conspiracy theories such as a link between the pandemic and 5G networks. The established guideline for social distancing is six feet (about two meters) from other people. A study that is largely ignored (and would be extremely impractical) is that 27 feet is the safe distance. Tests for the virus — at least initially — have been unreliable. These factors add to the fear and confusion. For that matter, social distancing and even self-quarantining seem to be helpful, but for people to congratulate themselves on their actions does not take into account all of the information; other factors are involved beyond personal space.

By the way, one big question for many people is why everyone is being restricted. Back in Bible times, people with contagious conditions were isolated, not everyone else. When the Apollo astronauts came back from the moon, they were quarantined for fear of space bugs or something. Why aren't we isolating the sick people instead of riding herd on the general populace?

This Coronavirus is aptly called novel, and scientists as well as the public are learning how to cope and deal with the situations. While they are learning, restraint would be in order. Health scientists like to do health scientist stuff and make projections, but they went with extreme worst-case scenarios at full gallop a mite too soon. We cannot fault them for not dealing with the economic impact and human factors, but like evolutionary scientists who see worm burrow fossils and claim to have evidence of our most ancient ancestor, they were too hasty. Projections on the death toll have been revised downward several times, and emergency field hospitals such as this one are being taken down because they are not needed.

Much of the data are skewed. If someone has the Coronavirus at death, it is different that someone who died solely because of the virus. Dr. Deborah Birx tells us that reports are "liberal", so the virus is not necessarily the cause of death, but only getting credit for the kill when there are other conditions. Accounts that medical professionals are assuming COVID-19 and putting the diagnosis code on the forms without testing the patient are surfacing. People have questions that are going unanswered right now.

Some of the cable news networks are showing a death counter almost like covering COVID-19 is a game show. In a way, it is to them because they are leftists and want the President to look bad. But experts have to do something with models and they need information to work with. Unfortunately, more information is muddying the waters retroactively because there is some suspicion that the virus had made landfall in the United States in December 2019. It is possible that people had the virus but did not even know it because they were asymptomatic. Others were sick and recovered. My wife suspects that she had the virus here in New York in January or February. Perhaps I am asymptomatic. Now, how do we get tested at this late date?

Parody of the atheist bus campaign sign (click for larger)
Original Image: Wikimedia Commons / Dan Etherington  (CC by 2.0)
Despite the panicporn, confusion, and fearmongering, God is in is still here and cares for us. I have several items for you. Some of this material will be dated rather quickly including the "video" below (other material was released after I made it), but there are things we can learn about gathering information and making models. Be aware that Plante and Stigall are news and political commentary (often with humor), not Christian ministries.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Worldviews and Secular Morality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

When I go for an oil change, call technical support, order a pizza, see a doctor, or other things, I do not ask about the views of these people. I am more interested in getting the requested service done properly. Perhaps an opportunity to share the gospel or have an interesting discussion will occur.

People with fundamentally flawed worldviews reject God and judge those of us who follow him.
Credit: RGBStock / Sanja Gjenero
These days, it seems to be the opposite. There are times when the way you self-identify (ethnicity, sexual preference, political affiliation, environmental extremist, etc.) is more important to misotheists than what you have to offer. In many cases, people with agendas will manufacture a crisis and manipulate the emotions of people. Tinhorns are gleefully hijacking the COVID-19 situation for their own fundamentally flawed worldviews.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler discussed how there is an abundance of false research that is supported by the mainstream media. Why? It is no secret that the media are anti-Christian, anti-creationist, anti-Bible, anti-family, and oppose just about anything else that God has given us. American media are also anti-Conservative. Dubious sources and selective citing are utilized to support abortion, atheism, global climate change fearmongering, sexual perversion, and more ad nauseam.

Evolutionists are attempting to capitalize on the virus as well, see "Evolutionary Advice on the Pandemic Is Not Helpful" and "Evolution and the Coronavirus Pandemic".

Leftists are politicizing the Coronavirus pandemic for their own ends. To be blunt, they are a large part of the culture of death, and many people have observed the disappointment of leftists when the models are revised that the number of projected deaths. Socialist (communist, really) Bernie Sanders said, "I hope very much that out of this terrible tragedy we do some fundamental rethinking about the nature of American society". Before that, James Clyburn said that a bill would be “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Leftists are racializing the pandemic, saying it is worse for black and brown people — using fake reasoning and neglecting the gathering habits of certain groups. Also, a virus in incapable of caring who it infects. Here is another racist event.

These sidewinders play identity politics as if it was a game for points or television ratings instead of finding out who is qualified for the job under discussion. No matter your perversion or persuasion, folks who lack sense and agree with all things "Orange Man Bad", are considered "good" and can sign on. Hating the God of the Bible gives bonus points. Most cable news outlets in the US (and many in other countries) are hardcore leftist. Go ahead and count the officials from Clinton and Obama administrations who have programs and tell people what to think.

People who reject the Creator God as revealed in the Bible impose a secularist "morality" based on trends, feelings, and especially rebellion against God. When Samaritan's Purse, an organization established by Franklin Graham, set up to help COVID-19 people, Graham was blasted with the galactically stupid epithet of "homophobe", and it was implied that since he believes what the Bible teaches about sexuality instead of basing his life on cultural trends, his people might give improper care to homosexuals. People are foolish enough to believe such anti-Christian bigotry.

Dr. Mohler also mentioned that the United Nations was established with good intentions, but was entirely secular. As time went on, it embraced globalism (a one-world government) as well as communist and other totalitarian regimes. The United States was frequently portrayed as the bad guy while the organization and members happily (and hypocritically) received American money. This child agrees with the sentiment, "Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US".

So where do those who abhor Christianity and established values get their morality?

Since they reject Jesus Christ and the biblical worldview, their "morality" is subjective and incoherent. It is also based on political and cultural trends. As such, they are subject to whims — and the emphasis on what is trendy frequently shifts. God the Son, our Creator, became a man just over 2,000 years ago. He died on a cross to redeem us, and we celebrate his bodily resurrection, defeating death and sin. We can have salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, giving us hope and peace in this fallen and confused world. I urge those who are reading to repent and put their trust in Christ alone.

To read the transcript, download, or listen to the podcast online, I'd be much obliged if you'd see what inspired this article: "The Briefing, Thursday, April 2, 2020".

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creation Virology and COVID-19

Addendum added 4-09-2020
At this point in time, we are all learning about the virus that is known scientifically as SARS-CoV-2. People are wondering why it has been so difficult to deal with, but it is unique and that is why you will often hear the word novel associated with it — everyone is learning. Despite the claims of one owlhoot, COVID-19 is not the end for creationism. In fact, a creation approach is crucial in understanding the virus.

Evolutionary thinking is harmful to medical science and virology. A creation approach is far more effective in dealing with COVID-19.
Original image from the CDC, then modified with FotoSketcher
Darwinian medicine is not only foolish, but downright dangerous. Some people are claiming that this virus is evidence for evolution, but that is completely false. In the original very good creation, viruses, bacteria, and other microbes were prolific and our Creator had a purpose for them. Creation virologists point out that many (if not most) viruses are beneficial. Interestingly, there is disagreement as to whether or not viruses are living things because they do have DNA but do not have cells.

A few important articles are listed here. The first is written in a Q and A format. It is not overly technical and the author is extremely qualified to write it. I recommend clicking on "COVID-19, Coronavirus, and Creation Virology". Another article, written by a medical doctor, is also of interest, "How COVID-19 Started and Where It’s Going". Finally, there is a much longer in-depth article from 1999 that is still relevant. I am linking to the audio version, but if you scroll down, you can find a link to the print version as well as other resources. For this one, click on "Did God Make Pathogenic Viruses?"

ADDENDUM: More from Dr. Francis at "Viruses in Context".

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

So Mother Earth is Punishing Us with COVID-19

When riding the trails of social media, it is not surprising to find some mighty strange ideas about COVID-19. An actor thinks that Earth is punishing us for our environmental crimes. Idris Elba is promoting a pagan view of Earth as a living thing, which has grown in popularity even in evolutionary circles (see "More Gaia Paganism in Evolution"). Earth is not an entity, old son.

An actor believes that COVID-19 is Earth punishing us. This is a pagan idea, and scientific facts as well as a creation worldview show otherwise.
Earth image from Clker Clipart blended with COVID-19 image from the CDC
It is interesting that Elba is "race conscious" by stating the obvious: black people can get the virus. His worldview probably excludes the biblical fact that there are no races. Ethnic groups, sure. But we're all the same race.

It is amazing to this child that people foolishly look to uninformed but highly opinionated celebrities for medical and political advice. Since Earth is not a living being, it cannot decide to make a virus to punish us. Elba does not indicate how he knows that the pagan deity chose to make this virus, and why it was made. Actually, COVID-19 fits into Darwinian mythology, but as a punishment humanity, it fails because most people survive. We did not hear such foolish claims about Earth punishing us with other, more deadly, viruses. For far more rational information, see "How COVID-19 Started and Where It’s Going". (I've seen similar remarks from global warming cultists.) This is not a time to be making up your own "facts", people.
English actor Idris Elba believes the COVID-19 virus is a defensive action by the Earth against the harm humanity is doing to it.

Elba and his wife have both tested positive for the virus but have not shown any symptoms.2 In a video interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actor said, “Our world has been taking a kicking. We have damaged our world and it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.”

Although Elba didn’t explicitly say so, it seems he was referring to environmental damage caused by pollution and/or “climate change.” He compared the Earth to an organism attempting to defend itself against an infection. He also said,
You can find out more by clicking on "Actor Says Virus Is Earth’s Response to Humanity". NOTE: Be patient, this site has been very slow on weekends.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Evolution and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rahm Emanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste". That is, politicize it and work it to your own advantage. Leftists politicians are known for not only using and exaggerating crises, but have manufactured them. Believers in universal common descent are using the coronavirus (COVID-19) to further their agenda.

Evolutionists are using the coronavirus health threat to further their agenda. This is despite the fact that Darwinism is harmful to medical science.
Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
In a previous post, we saw the wonders of how the Master Engineer designed our immune system, and information on the coronavirus was provided. Naturalists not only reject the Creator, but they are interpreting data from their presuppositions and personal preferences. Indeed, they even try to pull the wool over our eyes by claiming that evolution is useful!

The coronavirus is a serious health threat (see "Coronavirus: A Biblical & Practical Perspective"), but when assets of the Darwin Party claim that evolutionary thinking is necessary, this is not only foolish, but dishonest as well. Further, we can see that these scientists are more intent on pushing evolutionism than in solving a problem. If they would cowboy up and leave Darwin out yonder at Deception Pass, they would have a far better framework in dealing with this health issue. There is no evolution here, pilgrim — a virus is still a virus.
Evolutionists are trying to sneak Darwin into another field where he doesn’t belong.
Do viruses mutate? Sure. The flu is slightly different each year. But flu is still flu. Mutations are random changes. Evolutionary theory tries to explain progress: new organs, new functions and new information. Sorry, but Darwinism is no help for the current worry about the coronavirus becoming a pandemic.
To finish reading, click on "Pandemic? Ignore Evolution".

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Our Engineered Immune System

You may remember from school days that the heart pumps blood, it circulates through our systems, gets oxygen, and the cycle continues. That is the simplest example, but there is far more involved. As science and technology develop, medical science is learning more about how our immune system operates.

Our immune systems are designed to fight infections and pathogens. This includes the coronavirus and others.
Credit: Pixabay / Arek Socha
Although from a secular source, there is important information in "Five Reasons You Don't Need to Panic About the COVID-19 Coronavirus".

Both red and white blood cells have special functions to protect us from diseases and infections. We have a passel of microbes living in us and our system has to distinguish between the good ones and those that don't have our best interests at heart (so to speak). Throughout life, bodily systems learn and adapt, and even become more efficient at dealing with them. In fact, they learn. Interestingly, vaccinations help our immune system learn, and it can adapt to such intruders and those that are similar.

We have leukocytes that help clean us out, not only from intruders, but they help remove dead cells. They are programmed for specific interlopers, so there are quite a few of them that have their own assignments. Some cells are guides to point out the bad stuff: "Thanks. We'll take it from here." This is good to know with the current scare over the coronavirus.
Each day, we live at the mercy of pathogens and parasites, microbes about one-trillionth to one-thousandth of our size. We read about the flu causing havoc this winter in most parts of the USA and Europe. The flu epidemic is peaking earlier than normal and is spreading across the USA according to the CDC. Flu vaccination can help prevent flu and its potentially serious complications. In the summer, we read about malaria and Ebola outbreaks troubling tropical populations. The objectives of this article are (1) to explain the overcoming design principle of the immune system in effectively fighting pathogens and parasites in disease; and (2) to record the role of Christians and creation biologists in developing vaccines.
To read the this rather long but very interesting article with several illustrations, click on "Wise Blood: The Principle of Overcoming in Disease and Immunity (Part 1)". The next one follows below.

Our immune system has antibodies that are made by plasma cells to help eliminate pathogens. This special police force actually recognizes certain molecules, antigens, of the pathogens. (I can't help but thinking of the high-tech crime dramas where the evildoers are being tracked by law enforcement.) The antibodies also help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and facilitate a helpful biome. Indeed, molecules-to-microbiologist evolution cannot even begin to explain the specified complexity and obvious engineering principles that our Creator provided. He provided salvation through his blood and resurrection, and also provides for us in our own blood.
The immune system serves more than just to “defend” against disease. The immune system was designed to interact with microbes and to cleanse the body of aging, dying, and dead red blood cells and bacteria even in the pre-fall world. The immune system in a pre-fall world worked to assist body development positively, and in the post-fall world, it also defends against pathogens. This is how most creation biologists view the immune system.
This one is also on the long side, but it's still very interesting and informative. You can read the entire article by clicking on "Wise Blood: Antibodies, the Principle of Overcoming in Disease (Part 2)". Also of interest is this article and an embedded video, "Coronaviruses in creation: Does the recent coronavirus outbreak support evolution?" Finally, you may like "The Life-Giving Blood".

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