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The Truth about Vaccinations and Health

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen In 2019, there have been severe outbreaks of measles in the United States prompting official states of emergency in parts of New York and the State of Washington . Border guards are becoming infected by diseases carried by illegal aliens . There are many diseases that were considered under control or even eradicated, but there they are again. Part of the problem is the anti-vaccine movement. Credit: Freeimages / Brian Hoskins Although vaccines have kept people healthy and saved millions of lives, some people passionately resist using them. (Although atheists will ridicule some religious people and cultists who suffered the loss of a child because of this stance, it is not just a "theist" problem, as some atheists are also anti-vaxxers.) For some reason, the anti-vaxxer movement is growing despite science and common sense. Many proponents of this act like they are more intelligent and have higher moral standards than the rest of us, which makes