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Reworking the Quote Mine

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Centuries ago, I wrote " Working in a Quote Mine " about accusations by anti-creationists of "quote mining" by biblical creationists. That is, taking remarks by a proponent of molecules-to-miner evolution out of context, misquoting, or other trickery for our own ends.  Credit for image of burros at silver mine ca. 1900: LoC / Photochrom Collection The main advantage of mining for quotes over mining for nose gold is that it's easier to share the quotes. Even better, however, is that using quotes by evolutionists who admit that their belief system has serious problems is a technique in law called statements against interest . One of the tricks atheists use to dehumanize Christians and creationists is to lie about us. A lot. To say that we are digging up quotes to imply that some materialists suddenly announced, "My pals and I ain't riding for the Darwin brand no more" is sheer fatuousness . I reckon that anti-creationists mak

Appeal to False Authority, TalkOrigins, and Diamonds

Creationists will often see a fallacy called appeal to authority in discussions with atheists and evolutionists. We frequently encounter this at The Question Evolution Project and other places on teh interweb. While referring to an authority on a subject is legitimate, many tinhorns will refer to someone who has no qualifications in a subject, such as Clinton Richard Dawkins railing about theology. Atheists and anti-creationists get the bits in their teeth and ride hard to heavily biased atheistic storage facilities to find material on a subject, throw links at us, and essentially say, "I cited TalkOrigns! Case closed! " (Seems to me that this might qualify as confirmation bias , but I digress.) Citing those places is easier than thinking or reading creationary material, but those sites are unreliable; it is appeal to false authority in action. Recently, I made a post and said that opponents will go to the excuse mills. A furious atheopath proved me right by ignori

Propaganda Talk about Origins

As usual, I am going to give you an introduction and then link to a specially-selected article. And now for something completely different. For a bit. The article that I am going to link is on a site that is very difficult to read. Edit: It's been improved, so I am leaving this paragraph here for helpful browser hints. So I am going to offer a few practical options. First, many current versions of browsers will let you enlarge and reduce text on pages with CTRL+Plus Sign, or similar keystrokes. You may want to check your "View" in the menu bar. Second, you may want to have an RSS reader available. Several are listed here . Third, Send to Reader is useful for Firefox users with the free "bookmarklet", but works only for Kindle. Fourth, Push to Kindle by fivefilters also has browser extensions. It does what it says, strips out the clutter and sends to the Kindle. In addition, it also has a few other options where you can download the Kindle and EPUB format