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School Indoctrination in Occult and Marxism

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been gradually creeping into public schools for quite a while, but not under that name. Like we have seen before, there are programs that seem to have noble goals, but are insidious at their cores. SEL is one of them. It purports to be about empathy, supportive relationships, and so on. Then comes equity. That is a favorite term of Marxists and means equal results. What ends up happening is that people who work very little get the same reward as those who do the work. See where this is going? Theosophy symbol superimposed on colorized Karl Marx image The sidewinder who was one of those instrumental in setting up what is now SEL was John Fetzer. He was religious, but exchanged the semblance of Christianity for occult activities. One of these was the teachings of theosophist Alice Bailey. Watch out when occultists, New Age believers, and others reference "the Christ," as this is not  Jesus Christ. Bailey spoke of "the Christ" a

Paganism is Increasing

It is interesting that atheists and other unbelievers will ridicule Christians for believing in what they call "fairy tales" such as creation and the Genesis Flood. This is a modern, enlightened age. But they give believers in paganism a pass. Just before my wife's memorial service, a woman came up to me and gave me a stone and a quartz crystal. She said they have special properties. New Age, pagan, and other occult practices are accepted, not mocked, and are increasing today. Indeed, they have been gaining popularity for quite some time. Pagan robe and mask, Unsplash / Rob Griffin It is my contention that many people want to feel that they are better than others, having the inside track, belong to the One True Church, read the real Bible , support the correct political movement, pick the winning sports team — we become idolators. Atheists pretend to be smarter than theists. Evolution is saturated with paganism, such as pantheism. The atheopath who calls himself Aron Ra

The Evolution of Witchcraft?

Believers in universal common descent postulate that everything evolved, including religions. Some say that cavemen heard thunder and attributed it to gods, thus religion began. (Still waiting for empirical data to support this assertion.) Secularists have some interesting ideas about witchcraft as well. Misotheists frequently ridicule Christians for believing the Bible, or creationists for believing in Noah's Ark, because we are modern and educated people. They hate the truth and suppress it (Rom. 1:18), and their ridicule does not override the truth. Interestingly, their argument fails to take into account the number of witches in educated and technologically advanced countries. Thanks to Why?Outreach for the original image Like so many other words, witch  as various connotations. Some self-identified witches are essentially nature-worshiping pagans that claim magick is neutral. I have seen "scary" video collections that supposedly show witches supposedly with evil pow

Elevator to Another Reality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Games of one sort or another have always been popular, and are even more so nowadays. There are things called Alternate Reality (AR) games  that are set in the real world but with their own twists. When shopping for a computer and peripherals, I see criteria on how they are suitable for gaming. Some are specifically designed for it. There are also low-tech paranormal games such as summoning Bloody Mary , and others that are considered dangerous. The Elevator Game has several names, and it is intriguing — enhanced by dark associations. Unsplash / Kirk Lai It has been around for a few years. Some say the Elevator to Another World game originated in Korea, but others find mentions of it from Japan, where a fatal elevator accident may have been the inspiration. Also, the modern multiverse myth seems to be an influence. It may also have evolved with influence from the popularity of AR games. The Elevator to Another World probably became more famous due to the myste