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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Evolution, Aircraft, and Equivocation

Did you know that computers, legislation, automobiles, bicycles, airplanes, and so on can evolve? Sure, no problem! It is legitimate to use the word evolve in these situations, but the problem is, evolve has many definitions. (One definition is so vague, it's almost useless: change over time.) But Darwinistas play fast 'n' loose with the definitions.

Equivocating on definitions of "evolution", one propagandist says that the evolution of the airplane is like biological evolution. Oh, please!
Yours truly in front of a MiG-21 at the Kalamazoo, Michigan air museum, about 1998.
One tinhorn laid down some pictures of similarities in the development of airplanes, correctly used the term evolution, and then conflated that use of the word with biological evolution. This involved arbitrary assertions, personal preferences, and a bit of emotional manipulation by claiming that biological evolution cannot be denied by "reasonable" people. Well, no, we'd better believe it, don't want people thinking we're not reasonable, do we? Never mind that his explanation is not the only one! The better explanation is that similarities in organisms (as well as mechanical devices) occur because of intelligent design, and our Creator made things according to his design plans.
Did you know airplanes evolve? A 2014 research article titled “The Evolution of Airplanes,” written by Duke University’s distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering Adrian Bejan, makes that very claim. He begins with all the visible differences between a biplane and a jumbo jet. Airplanes have gotten bigger and faster over the decades. We could say airplane design evolves in the sense that it changes over time.

A second look reveals some common features like engines and wings. What is the best way to explain both the similarities and differences at the same time? Are we seeing a core common design enhanced with many ingenious variations? Or did all modern airplanes descend from a common, primitive airplane ancestor, evidenced by similar ancestral traits but with new features adapted to new conditions? These questions sound a lot like those asked by evolutionists and creationists about living creatures. Bejan wrote his article to supply those answers.
To read the rest of this enlightening article, click on "Major Evolutionary Blunders: Berra's Blunder".

Friday, April 29, 2016

How Are Water Gaps Formed?

If you saddle up and ride in some mountainous areas, you may come across a notch where water is flowing between parts of the range. Ever see one form? Me, neither. Nobody has. Old Earth advocates will tell you that the water carved it out, but that doesn't square with the geologic evidence. For one thing, simple physics tells us that water flows around barriers instead of up and over them.

Glen Helen Gorge image by NASA'S Eric Christian. Water gaps (notches between mountains where water flows) are not adequately explained by standard geology. The best explanation that fits the evidence is the Genesis Flood.
Glen Helen Gorge image credit: NASA / Eric Christian's Field Journal (use of image does not imply endorsement).
One tale they tell is that the river was there already, and the range uplifted, so the water carved out the gap. That may be remotely plausible if there was just one instance, but that explanation doesn't hold water when it happens a heap of times. Then there's the lack of scree (rock debris) that should be there if it took millions of years to happen. It didn't happen that way, old son. Uniformitarian reasoning fails here, too. The most rational explanation to fit observed evidence is the Genesis Flood.
Why does the Finke River at the Glen Helen Resort flow straight through the range, forming Glen Helen Gorge? Geologists call this a water gap. In Central Australia the Finke River flows across the grain of all the McDonnell Ranges and water gaps are common. In fact, water gaps are a global phenomenon, with more than 1000 across the earth.

No one has ever seen a water gap form, so stories that attempt to explain these unexpected geological features are conjecture. The rims of at least three of the ranges that the Finke River flows through have been ‘dated’ by evolutionary geologists as some 400 million years old. How erosive processes could have continued for so long defies belief. For example, using standard uniformitarian geology, it would only take about 17 million years to erode a whole continent.
To read the rest, rock on over to "Glen Helen Gorge, Australia — How did it form?"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Intelligence, Neanderthals, and Celebrating STDs

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Hat tip to Doug McBurney for giving some inspiration for this article.

The atoms-to-acrobat evolutionists at the Darwin Ranch have the view that people were stupid way back when. It's consistent with their philosophy, since we supposedly came from minerals, fish, animals, and up the ladder to where we are today. So, we're wired to be the best, right?

According to evolution, we're wired to be the best, and smarter than Neanderthals. From the way society is going downhill, one wonders who is smarter after all.
Image credit: Pixabay / Cornfreak
We're created in God's image but are in rebellion against him, so we're a mix of good and bad. Technological and medical advances, taming animals, the ability to compose music, write literature, and do all sorts of things that are not possible for animals to accomplish. We can also do something else that is unlike animals: self-destruct, whether individually, culturally, or destroy millions of our fellow beings in a short time. Also unlike animals, we can celebrate our downward spiral.

We've made same-sex marriage not only legal, but want people to celebrate it; the tiny minority is dominating the huge majority, even though marriage has been between a man and a woman for millennia, ever since God ordained it. Humans are happily killing our unborn children, and even celebrating murder for convenience on social media.

Our lusts continue. The Evo Sith are desperate to find ways to do away with God, and presenting the idea that monogamy is the result of germ avoidance. Love has nothing to do with it in their view. Right. Norman and Nellie Neanderthal figured out that they won't get sexually transmitted diseases if they stay faithful to one another, right? Amazing bit of guesswork there presented as "science".

Did you know that April is STD Awareness Month? Sure, and we can go to social media to brag about having a disease! Then they wonder why there's claptrap about a new super strain of gonorrhea going around. Helpful hint: heterosexual marriage and faithfulness, the way God intended it, then you won't have to worry so much (or have cause to celebrate the consequences of your lack of control).

I started out by mentioning ancient humans and evolutionary bias. According to the Bible, man was created in God's image, and wasn't a stupid partially-evolved brute that took millions of years to form. Yes, Neanderthals existed, and they were fully human, as the DNA and interbreeding indicates. Their cave paintings were too advanced to satisfy evolutionists (by the way, the dating methods caused them problems), and they did a lot of other things like us reg'lar folk. Of course, the facts don't interfere with fundamentalist evolutionists from clinging to their blind faith and telling amazingly silly stories about early man.

The Neanderthal people were smart, despite Darwinist protestations. Did they indulge in self-destructive behaviors? No records of it that I'm aware of. I can't imagine that they would use their version of social media to brag about perversion, getting a sexually transmitted disease, or abortion. We're going downhill rapidly, and it's accelerating. It's the result of sin. You know, I wonder who are really the smarter ones.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stable Stars and Extraterrestrial Life

On one hand secularists are searching for signals from intelligent life forms in outer space (which does not seem to be an intelligent use of time and money as far as I reckon). And on the other hand, the numbers game that there must be life out yonder is getting worse all the time because the right combination of conditions have to be in place.

Searching for habitable planets elsewhere in the universe is getting more difficult since the right conditions are not being found. Secularists need to admit that life was specially created, and we were given the necessary condtions.
Image credit: NASA
They look for the habitable zone, where a planet is the right distance from a star so it doesn't freeze or burn. In addition, the planet has to be the right size and composition. Does the planet have a magnetic field to help protect it from the solar wind? Stars tend to be unstable, and the planet can't have that, either. There was speculation that κ1 Ceti was comparable to our own sun because it's young in evolutionary years, but it's as unstable as a cyberstalker. If our sun was that obstreperous long ago, there would be no life here. These people need to cowboy up and come to terms with the fact that our planet, sun, and everything else was created especially for life right here — and created thousands, not millions of years ago.
Astronomers have a keen interest in finding earth-like planets orbiting other stars. Their hope is that earth-like planets might harbor life. This hope is based upon the belief that life arose naturally on earth, that is, without a Creator. This worldview assumes that there is nothing special about the earth, so life probably develops wherever the conditions are right. Therefore, life ought to be common in the universe, if the conditions are right in enough places.
To read the rest, click on "Was the Sun Far Less Stable in the Past?


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Glowing Reports from Chernobyl

Ever watch that television show Scorpion? It has a heap of "Yeah, sure!" moments, but it does have some high levels of suspense. When I watched "Chernobyl Intentions", I didn't realize a couple of things: the disaster happened thirty years ago today, and the episode of is based on current events. The part of radiation being a scary thing, yeah, I've known that for years.

  The disaster at Chernobyl should be a field lab for evolutionists, but things are not working out according to their expectations.  Image credit: NASA image created by Jesse Allen, using EO-1. The disaster at Chernobyl should be a field lab for evolutionists, but things are not working out according to their expectations.
Image credit: NASA image created by Jesse Allen, using EO-1. Use does not imply endorsement.
Chernobyl is in Kiev, Ukraine, near the Belarus border. On April 26, 1986, technicians of the Soviet Union-controlled area caused reactor four to explode. This killed several people at the time, released huge amounts of radiation, and displaced over 350,000 people to date. The most radioactive area has highly restricted access, and is expected to be uninhabitable for many years.

People who get their information about radiation from movies and such may be expecting mutations and people with super powers, and Darwinists have a field lab for their conjectures. But things are not going according to neo-Darwinism plans. Plants and animals didn't seem to get the "uninhabitable" memo, and some people have rejected it outright. They are living where they shouldn't, and seem to be thriving. Although the health risks from radiation are very real, it appears that the regenerative properties of DNA, designed by our Creator, have been underestimated.
Surprising scientists, both people and animals are doing OK around the world’s worst nuclear accident site.

Thirty years ago, on April 26, 1986, Russian government officials evacuated people living in 1,600 square miles around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after a meltdown sent a radiation cloud over a large area (see history of the incident on PhysOrg). The “exclusion zone” was deemed too hazardous for humans. Animals, however, were not evacuated; scientists feared a great die-off and ecological disaster. A new study, though, shows a big surprise.
To read the rest, click on "Why Chernobyl Neighbors Are Not Dying". 


Monday, April 25, 2016

Epigenetics Further Affirms Creation

Remember when particles-to-peddler evolutionists said that certain parts of DNA were "junk", and that was thoroughly refuted? Further research keeps showing inconvenient genome truths refuting evolution, such as the "epigenetics switch". The hands at the Darwin Ranch down at Deception Pass were embarrassed, and it's getting worse.

Genome research is continuing its hostility to Darwin. Epigenetics is adding fuel to the creation-affirming fire, and is more complex than thought.
Image credit: Freeimages / Rainer Berg
The more scientists learn about the genome, the more complicated it gets — including epigenetics. It seems that our functional chemistry can be changed, but the base pairs comprising the DNA code are unaltered. Changes happen through epigenetic switches and cellular machinery, and the whole thing is far more complex than ever imagined. This further refutes evolution and affirms the brilliant design work of our Creator.
In complete contradiction to evolutionary predictions, the language systems in the genome continue to reveal nothing but unimaginable complexity. As a news story on a recent discovery explains, "The world of epigenetics—where molecular 'switches' attached to DNA turn genes on and off—has just got bigger with the discovery by a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge of a new type of epigenetic modification."

One of the most exciting and rapidly expanding research fields in the study of the genome is the area of epigenetics. The term epigenetics is derived from the Greek prefix epi which means "on top of." In other words, this is an additional type of genomic language that overlays the DNA code which helps to control how genes are switched on or off. Epigenetics is one explanation for how our environment and behavioral traits, such as diet or smoking, can affect our genome and how many of these changes can even be heritable—affecting traits literally passed along to our children and grandchildren.
To read the rest, switch over to "Epigenetic Code More Complicated Than Previously Thought". 


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Darwin in Christianity

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Christians who take the Bible seriously have been alarmed at the increase in "seeker driven" churches, false religions, compromise, and outright apostasy in the church. A good part of this is because too many Christians are unaware that Genesis is the foundation for all major Christian doctrines, and have disdain for the authority of the Word of God.

Christianity held to a recent creation and global Flood throughout most of church history, including the Reformers. It wasn't until naturalistic philosophies of science seemed plausible, and Christians were buffaloed into compromising. Who wants to be considered stupid in the light of "science"? The compromisers were foolish, as evolution is based on many frauds and bad reasoning, and we need to show it for what it is (Eph. 5:11-13). 

Compromises included various ways to force millions or billions of Darwin years into the Bible, and the worst of the lot is theistic evolution. (For my detailed article on this, see the 2-part "Waterless Clouds, Wandering Stars"). Like disingenuous atheists change the established definition of their view from "belief there is no God or gods" into "lack of belief", theistic evolutionist owlhoots like BioLogos deceptively call their view "evolutionary creationism". Not hardly! Old Earth "creationists" and TEs are willing to join in with atheists in lying to promote evolution and malign biblical creationists.

The Christian church has been in a downward slide, and is apathetic to the authority of the Word and foundations of the faith in Genesis. Theistic evolution is a very toxic compromise.
Image furnished by Randy H.
Old Earthers and TEs undermine the authority of the Bible, and complain that those of us who believe Scripture are unwilling to compromise. Well, it's interesting that they never seem to compromise, but we are expected to! No, I'm going to stay with the truth (Prov. 30:6, Isaiah 40:8) and not changing science philosophies. Compromising is getting closer to atheism. They know the importance of Genesis, and that's why they attack biblical creationists with such passion. Interesting how C. Richard Dawkins has a dim view of theistic evolutionists:

No, we cannot compromise, and we must continue to uphold the authority and truth of Scripture. Here is a link to an episode of "Fighting for the Faith". Pastor Chris Rosebrough is doing reviews in the annual worst Easter sermon of 2016 contest, and Ryan Miller bows to the puny god of evolutionism. (I half expected him to have a séance and call up a demon pretending to be the spirit of Darwin to preach with him). You can get the free download for this episode here, and skip to the 43 minute 5 second mark. I'd be much obliged to you.

If you want some other apostasy after this (nothing more about evolution though), I suggest that you skip back to the 6 minute 40 second mark for someone who sounds spiritual and intellectual, but is harmful. If you're liking this kind of thing, go to the 1 hour 20 minute mark for the longest segment: Kerry Shook is preaching Gnostic and Pelagian heresies, so be glad you've got Pastor Rosebrough along for a guide. If you have time and are curious, hey, play the whole episode.