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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Evolutionary Thinking Yields Burning Hatred

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

People who pay attention to the origins debate are likely to have noticed that Darwinism advocates, especially on the web, are exceptionally passionate. Many of these folks really get on the prod if someone dares to write, speak, or even whisper words of doubt about evolution. This is hypocritical, as the same people often claim that they want "tolerance" and "discourse", but have no tolerance of those who reject any or all of materialistic evolution; so-called "freethinkers" often oppose people who think in a manner for which they disapprove.

The natural result of evolutionary thinking is for Darwin supporters to indulge in all sorts of attacks in their burning hatred
Credit: Freeimages / hamidreza ahmadi
For that matter, Charles Darwin said in Origin, "A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question; and this cannot possibly be here done". However, he apparently did not have any intention of discourse with people who doubted his conjectures. Instead, it was apparently meant for fellow believers to make adjustments. That makes sense, since his friends formed the X Club (no, not the thing with Charles Xavier). This was allegedly a group of friends, but they had an agenda for evolutionism.

Elsewhere in the same book, he said, "To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree". Creationists are fond of that quote, where he admits that his idea is fragile. However, Darwin later on commences to say that he'll believe it anyway. His followers do the same, choosing evolution despite its multitudinous flaws. As some atheists have said, the alternative (special creation) is unthinkable to them.

If you dare to venture into the comments area of unmoderated YouTube channels refuting evolution and affirming creation, you will see that nullifidians and evolutionists set the barn ablaze with furious attacks. Twitter is not much better, and I had to block some attackers because they recruited so many to join in, I could not tell if I was a part of something or just a "reply to all" thing. Also, many evolutionists vociferously oppugn biblical creationists on weblog comment areas and from the shelter of forums.

The first line of attack is often through ridicule. This often takes the form of name-calling (which I consider a form of labeling, which is used in an effort to control the speech of others). The article featured below has a section on name-calling. The kind use by evolutionists when railing against those who doubt Darwin are not only labels, but generalizations (pigeon-holing), and abusive. 

Sometimes I use name-calling, especially in a Western or Southern US vernacular. An owlhoot refers to an outlaw, therefore, he or she has left the straight-and-narrow for ungodly pursuits. Also, a sidewinder is a kind of rattlesnake that is both stealthy and venomous. A tinhorn is someone who considers himself important and wants to impress others. There are others, but you get the idea. Oh, and there are a few criminal cyberstalkers that have received their own "pet names".

I also use some terms to be provocative and with the hope that I can spark thinking in some people.


Regular readers may have noticed that I have posted screenshots where I have blurred the strong profanities. I'll allow that it gets mighty difficult to avoid responding just like those who have no consistent moral standard, which would dishonor the Lord. Christians have no business doing that, and need to repent of those as well as other forms of abuse. 

Here is one example from a stalker who hates biblical creationists in general, is on a constant secular jihad against us, and insists on inflicting his fallacy-laden opinions on those he hates (click for larger):

Not only do we receive abusive ad homimem attacks from Darwin supporters, but bifurcation, arbitrary assertions, more labeling, shaming, misrepresentation, and more. F'rinstance, this stalker denies God and the Bible, yet pretends to be knowledgeable on Genesis when he discusses it and assails creationists (like he does here, and makes false claims about creationary understanding of created kinds. Also, this further attack shows his defense of Wikipedia propaganda.

Earlier, I said that I had to to block people on Twitter because of the confusion about "conversations". Atheists and evolutionists like to recruit others to join in their piranha attacks on Darwin doubters. 

While composing this article, an old earth advocate shows his hatred of Dr. Jason Lisle. Many fallacies and bigotry while he calls Dr. Lisle a liar and asserts his own superiority. Later, he refused to write to Dr. Lisle and show him why he is "wrong". So far, he has not tried recruiting....nope, after I told him that I was using one of his Tweets, he blocked me. As before, click for larger:

Once again, before this article "went to press", another angry atheist sought me out, not bothering to read anything he attacked (again, click for larger):

Here is another example from an atheist who has to contradict and ridicule almost everything that Eric Hovind says (yet again, click for larger):

Used under Fair Use provisions for educational purposes
The "Top Fan" badge is a setting on Fazebook to stroke egos of people who frequently comment
Darwin's acolytes (yep, name-calling, in a way) do not exhibit knowledge of what Christians, biblical creationists and Intelligent Design proponents actually believe and teach. If you put on your duster, chaps, jacket, and boots for protection from the spines and go a-hiking in where they leave their comments, you'll see that they don't have much use for actually reading the material they attack. Nor do they care about the people, either. Ever see an atheist say, "Stop that, it's uncool and not logical"? I think I saw one, once.

I've noticed that many like to play to their base. There are some YouTube heroes among atheists and evolutionists who fight for their faith, but they, too, play to their base. They sneer, engage in abuse, change definitions of words, and misrepresent Darwin doubters. 

Atheists and evolutionists on the web cheer for them. Most of the internet Darwinists seem to be ignored by thinking people. What really takes the rag off the bush is when creationists have to correct these folks on what they claim to understand about science, evolution, and logic! Note that their demonization of Darwin deniers actually advances evolutionary arguments in the slightest.

There are evolutionists who want to go about their day-to-day business, including those who work in the secular science industry. I believe that many of them promote evolution because they do not realize that their belief system is fraught with bad logic, and that there is strong evidence that not only refutes Darwin, but supports special creation. That is one reason why Question Evolution Day is important. I suspicion that those people are bewildered by all the passion displayed by their advocates online.

Why do you suppose there is so much hatred and anger toward those who doubt Darwin, and especially toward people who present information that they dislike? "Free speech" goes out yonder window, and inflammatory evolutionists try to silence the opposition, even if it is simply through defamation and shouting us down (so to speak). I maintain that there are a couple of reasons for this. One is that they simply cannot compete with those of us who reject evolution on scientific, logical, and philosophical grounds. More importantly, God told us about them. Romans 1:18-22 tells us that they know he exists, but they suppress the truth. Their consciences are pricked, so they try even harder to deny the truth of God's Word, beginning from Genesis 1:1. Evolution is a foundation for materialism, and they are at tantivy in their rebellion against God. In short, the problem is sin.
How to start a mud volcano: say something that hints at some disagreement with Darwinian evolution.

There’s a puzzling sociological phenomenon going on in the world today. These are supposed to be days of tolerance. If you dare to say something derogatory about any politically-correct protected class, you can be hounded out of your job and lose your reputation, even if you said it decades ago. . . .

There is one group that remains unprotected from the most blatant hate speech found anywhere. That group is Darwin doubters, or Darwin skeptics. It includes creationists and advocates of intelligent design (ID), but is broad enough to include anyone who is not 100% convinced that Darwinian evolution is absolute fact. Darwin skeptics are not necessarily theists or members of any creation group or advocates of intelligent design. If they voice any disagreement with pure materialistic evolution, here is the kind of treatment they can expect.
I'd be much obliged if you'd read the entire article. To do that, click on "Darwinism Breeds Bigotry, Arrogance, and Hate".

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Consider the Moon

Studying the solar system is fascinating, and not just the planets, but the moons themselves. Well, Mars has a couple of unimpressive rocks, but the gas giants start racking up bigger numbers. As far as we know, Jupiter jumps in with 67, Saturn rings up 62, Uranus has 27, Neptune isn't trying very hard with only 14. Even the former planet Pluto has 5 moons. The bonus excitement for biblical creationists is that these celestial objects continually startle secular astronomers with their proclamations of youth, and that includes the moons.

Our moon was designed and put in place by the Master Engineer.
Credit: Unsplash / Ganapathy Kumar
Take a look up yonder at our own moon. We only have one, but it's ours, and we like it. Secularists tried to explain how the moon originated using long age presuppositions and bad science, but never really succeeded. (The rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts didn't help secular theories, either.) Our moon is important for tidal action, and it has just the right fit for a total eclipse.

Its orbit is also unlike the moons orbiting other planets, and it even helps Earth maintain its tilt so that seasons are possible. To believe in chance and cosmic evolution, and that that the Master Engineer did not design the moon and its benefits requires the suspension of basis thinking skills.
Nearly every night a truly remarkable object greets us—the moon. It presents the same face, yet changes subtly on its monthly orbit around our planet. Because the moon’s journey is so regular and repetitious, we easily take it for granted. But it’s truly a wonder. The more we learn about other satellites, the more unique it appears to be.

We know from Scripture that God gave the moon a special place in his plan for the universe. He ordained the moon and other heavenly bodies to help us keep time (Genesis 1:14). Did you know that our monthly calendar, which we order our lives by, came from the moon’s orbit (not the sun’s)?
To read the rest or hear the audio version from my favorite reader, click on "No Ordinary Moon".

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Specified Complexities in Bird Songs

One source of entertainment for us is hearing the birdies chirp. Actually, chirp is an understatement in many cases (except for sparrows, seems they do not have much of a repertoire), as some have rather intricate songs for certain purposes or time of the day. Something quite startling to me is the variety used by the mockingbird.

"The price is right, too. Cheep!"

And you give me grief for bad jokes. Moving on...

Birds show startling complexity in their songs, including mathematical precision.
Happy wren image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Francesco Veronesi (CC BY-SA 2.0)
To further the amazement factor, some birds sing elaborate songs with partners, and they have specified complexity. Birds use their grass seed-sized brains to respond at the right time with others, and sometimes they sing in perfect unison. Also, they demonstrate the greater thinking abilities than apes (our "close relatives"). Evolutionists are surprised — this happens frequently — because of their worldviews. That is, time, chance, random processes, materialism, and so on. Might be less surprise and more appreciation happening if they realized that our Creator designed them to do what they do, you savvy?
The Psalmist wrote that the birds of the air “sing among the branches” (Psalm 104:12). Just how well they can sing is becoming increasingly apparent to researchers.

In various bird species, pairs (a male and a female) are able to not only sing in tightly synchronized unison but also in antiphonal duets. In songs sung antiphonally, the male and female sing alternating song phrases, frequently in rapid succession and with such precise timing and coordination that people have often mistaken them to be a single bird singing.

Note the second bird to sing in an antiphonal duet must correctly and quickly recognize which song in their musical repertoire the first bird has initiated, in order to correctly contribute the next phrase of the song. Otherwise the duet would end prematurely.
To read the rest of this short article, click on "Birdsong isn’t for ‘birdbrains’".

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Insect Fossils Fluster Evolutionists

To heard particles-to-praying mantis evolutionists tell it, their naturalistic view of origins is a done deal. Maybe some minor disagreements among evolutionary scientists, but they are certain that common descent occurred. When someone that's been reading up on it presses them for the details, evolutionists reluctantly admit that there are several major problems in dating, lineages, actual evidence, and so on. There are serious problems with the story of insect evolution.

Another problem for evolutionists is the huge gap in the fossil record regarding insects.
Unidentified insect fossil image credit: US National Park Service
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
As you know, the most fossils are marine organisms. There are also (to use the technical term) bunches of insects. Problem is, evolutionists have an insect fossil, and then — nothing. After that, insects suddenly burst into the fossil record, fully formed. This missing space is called the hexapod gap (not to be confused with Deception Pass, that's where the Darwin Ranch is located). Rather than admit they have no explanation other than the logical conclusion of the Genesis Flood and recent creation, evolutionists use the complex scientific method known as Making Things Up™. "Lack of oxygen in the early atmosphere, that's what done it, you betcha! Insects were restrained!" Got any evidence? Nope. In fact, the evidence is against the lack of oxygen concept.
Insects first appear about 385 million years ago, according to evolutionary dating. The earliest known insect, which appeared suddenly without any insect precursors, was a wingless creature that looked much like a modern silverfish. But after this initial appearance, there was allegedly an absence of insects in the sedimentary rocks for the next 60 million years. There was no sign of a single roach, grasshopper, or dragonfly. This huge evolutionary gap between 385 million and 325 million years ago is known among paleontologists as the hexapod gap.

At the end of this gap, an enormous diversity of insects, including many kinds of flying insects, appears suddenly in the rock record with no ancestors. One evolutionary researcher recently stated:
To find out more, click on "Evolutionists Can't Fill the Hexapod Gap".

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Evolution and the Ecosexual

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

WARNING: This article contains information that is not recommended for children, and may be disturbing for some adults. Researching diverse subjects for articles is often fascinating, but sometimes I find material that I find troubling, and take no pleasure in writing. Several of the links below contain mature content and profanity.

Credit: Pixabay / David Bruyland
When I first encountered the word ecosexual, I looked it up and then dismissed it as a fringe fad that would fall by the wayside, sort of like the word metrosexual. Instead, the ecosexual movement appears to have grown into a strange brew of environmental extremism, witchcraft, sexuality, evolutionism, and selfishness.

Something else for you to study on is the way people are indulging in more sensuality nowadays. They are even seeking their identities in how they obtain sexual pleasure. Sex is a gift from our Creator, both for procreation and our pleasure. As we can easily see, it is being corrupted in many ways.

Concern for the environment is obviously a good thing, and Bible-believing (as opposed to nominal or cultural) Christians know that we are stewards of God's creation. The extreme versions of environmentalism include the view that humans are predators on Earth, and that most people should be exterminated for the sake of the planet. If that's not enough, calling an animal a "non-human person" made it to the court system. These people are mentally ill, pilgrim. Now let's move further.

Ecosexuality is not just the idea of having sex in a nature setting (I'll allow that the idea is appealing, aside from mosquitoes, ticks, and such). Now you can have orgasms by having sex with the earth or parts of it, or by sitting all by your lonesome and "experiencing" the "elements of earth, air, fire, and water". (Well, since the mind is the most important sex organ, such an idea should not seem impossible; mind over matter can be powerful.) You can hire a guide to cultivate your ecosexual experiences, however varied they may be. (Talking erotically to plants, getting married to the moon — those do not strike me as things rational people do.) As you may have determined, ecosexuality is extremely diverse and individualistic.

Pagans are known for their worship of nature, so it is not surprising that witches are attracted to environmental sex. In the article "Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It — From skinny dippers to people who have actual intercourse with nature, ecosexuality is a growing movement taking a new approach to combatting climate change":
. . . Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express, who described the work to me as a "no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion" as the result of our global environmental crisis. But they also see their piece as a part of a much larger ecosexual movement, which they say is gathering momentum around the world.
See that? They want to "dissolve the barriers between species". That is a key point, which is an undercurrent in much of what you can read and hear. We've encountered similar thinking in environmental extremism before. Living things were specifically created, and humanity was created in God's image.

Evolutionism is an ancient pagan religion that has been given respectability. It is being paraded as objective, empirical science. The concept of a universal common ancestor is a direct defiance of God's Word. Pagan pantheists worship the creation, not the Creator. This distortion of reality along with the corruption of God's gift of sexuality (and "having sex with the earth") are based on evolutionary concepts.

Christians, and especially biblical creationists, are at odds with secularists, pagans, environmental extremist, evolutionists, liberal "Christians", and many others. We are saying that God is the creator of all, and that we did not make ourselves. They don't cotton to that truth, nor that we are responsible to God. Sex games, paganism, selfishness, pride — none of those change the truth, but only distract people from it. We are accountable to almighty God for our sins, and we have to find out what he, our Creator and Redeemer, has to say.

This came in after I wrote the article. To take some remarks from Dr. Albert Mohler on The Briefing, "Now this is where Christians also understand most fundamentally that if we abandon the Revelation of God in Scripture and we abandon the Revelation that God has given us of ourselves and our bodies, of sexuality and gender in Creation, then there is no end to what will come. The revolution cannot be stopped."

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Oceans, Nickel, and the Young Earth

There are several indicators for the young earth that do not get a whole heap of attention. Creationists show that, using the assumptions of deep time proponents, the results do not reach the number of Darwin years that they require. One of these is ocean salinity, and a similar procedure is used when calculating the amount of nickel in the oceans.

Some nickel comes from meteorites, and it goes to the oceans. Nickel concentrations reveal that the earth is young.
 Willamette Meteorite on display at the American Museum of Natural History. It has 7.62% nickel.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / "Dante Alighieri" (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Nickel is one of those elements that are essential to life, but too much can be dangerous, and the oceans would be toxic in 850,000 years. There is supposedly more of it under the earth's crust than on it, and nickel can arrive in meteorites (and meteor dust), which can have mixtures of iron and nickel. Then it is transported by water into the oceans, where figures show that nickel concentrations can be used to testify for a young earth — again, by using the assumptions of secularists. Kind of like getting shot with their own gun, huh?
Nickel (Ni) turns out to be another mineral that points to a young age for the oceans. Very small levels of nickel are essential to life, but higher levels are toxic. The current background level of nickel in sea water is 0.228–0.693 parts per billion (PPB). The rate at which nickel is entering the ocean can be determined from fresh water studies, which indicate that dissolved nickel in ‘pure’ waters ranges from 1–3 PPB. While water in industrialized areas has a higher concentration of nickel, for this calculation the lower figure will be used.
To read the entire article and see the images, click on "Nickel concentration indicates young oceans".

This short video has no sound:

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Baffling the Secularists in Palo Duro Canyon

Seems like most people who have television, internet, and even newspapers have heard of the Grand Canyon. That place has been a tourist destination as well as a hotbed of geological research. If your travel plans do not allow for this one, there is another canyon that seems overlooked by many people. This is the Palo Duro Canyon, down Texas way. On a map, it's in the Texas Panhandle (it sort of looks like a top hat). This canyon causes problems for uniformitarian geological dogma.

Uniformitarian geology cannot explain features in the Palo Duro Canyon.
Credit: Freeimages / Deborah Finnell
You would rightly recollect that uniformitarianism is based on long ages, and "the present is the key to the past". This view precludes the Genesis Flood, which far better explains much of what is seen in geology — as we have seen here numerous times. If secularists weren't so afflicted with pusillanimity and had the courage to drop deep time presuppositions, they'd see how well Flood geology explains their observations. Actually, I'm being a mite unfair. They have to follow the Darwin trail from fear of losing their jobs if they deviate.

There are some rock layers that are "missing" millions of Darwin years. Secular geologists have served up some weak explanations, even considering a catastrophic local flood, but none of this works. One reason is that the rocky areas in questions cover a mighty big area.
ICR scientists recently led field trips through Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas, pointing out many geological features that show clear evidence of the global Flood. The walls of the canyon display over 700 feet of Flood strata. 
. . .
The rocks show no evidence of the supposed 40 million years of missing time between the Quartermaster and the overlying Tecovas. What are observed are flat-lying rocks upon flat-lying rocks for tens of miles in all directions. These sedimentary strata look like they were deposited layer after layer with no time gaps in between.
To read the entire article, click on "Palo Duro Canyon Rocks Showcase Genesis Flood".

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