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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Astrobiology and the Other Richter Scale

Purveyors of universal common ancestor evolution cannot explain the origin of life on Earth, so they give the problem to their imaginary invisible friends, the space aliens. Evolutionists presuppose their belief system, and then insist that life must have not only originated, but evolved somewhere far away. Then they want to commence with conversation. That's assuming the aliens exist, are advanced enough to receive and send signals, everyone's using the proper signals, they want to talk in the first place, and so on. Not to mention the time lag, since they are supposedly zillions of light years away.

The search for extraterrestrials is getting more desperate for evolutionists.
Credit: Pixabay / VirajTamakuwala
There was a time that people played the odds (the so-called Fermi Paradox) and insisted that life had to exist on other worlds. Problem is, the more scientists learn about the hazards of space and the "habitable zone", the less likely those odds are going to play out. From a biblical creationist perspective, most of us reject ETs on both scientific and theological grounds.

Some of those jaspers get all het up about alien life, saying how it will be one of the most important discoveries for humanity. Maybe they'll dazzle us with their know-how. I lack belief that such a claim is true. Farmers will still have to farm, medical professionals will still have to do medical stuff, delivery drivers will still have to drive, politicians will still have to do whatever it is they do — you get the idea. I also think that if we found alien life, they would still go around doing alien stuff like they were before.

Reading the speculations about the search for life out there — well, it seems increasingly desperate. There is a prairie schooner-full of words like "maybe", "could be", "perhaps", "scientists think possibly", and so on. It sounds like schoolchildren playing make-believe, which is not such a faulty analogy. F'rinstance, Jupiter may have been a watery world before it became a gas giant, and water means life, hey presto! Or, globular cluster like Omega Centauri could — oh, wait. No they couldn't. You can read about these and other stories by clicking on "Astrobiology Survives on Passionate Hope", then you can come back for the next item, below.

If I told my boss that although I had zero production, I had papers describing how wonderful it would be if I actually worked, just give me more time and eventually I'll produce results — you can guess how long I'd be employed. Alien enthusiasts want our tax dollars for a "science" that has no results and really has no right to exist; you can't have a science without something to study, old son. They had to move on and go with donations, but they hope to get more government handouts like other Darwinists who produce nothing. 

They even has a scale of importance, and this importance is entirely subjective. Sure is a lot of work to deny special creation and to reject the Creator who gave us life! Dr. Henry Richter has a list of important factors for habitability, and making a "Richter Scale" with reasonable estimates makes ET unlikely to phone home, have a home, or exist in the first place.
Should the government fleece taxpayers again for a project with almost zero chance for success? Consider two “Richter scales” that should inform hopes.

NASA has gritted its teeth ever since SETI went on the government-funding chopping block in the 1990s. They keep titillating the public with hopes for finding their invisible friends in space. Microbes are not enough, even though NASA gets loads of money for “astrobiology,” the big-tent search for even one-celled life. They want someone to talk to. Let’s see how they express their motivations:
To finish reading about all this far-out bioastrology stuff, click on "Richter Scaling: Is Funding for Astrobiology and SETI Justified?"

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Galapagos Islands Showcase Creation

Devotees of Darwin can head down yonder to Ecuador and take a jaunt into the Pacific Ocean to see the sacred site known as the Galapagos Islands. Even though we hear about all the scientific research being conducted, people take vacations there. The Bearded Buddha made many observations there while making his voyage on the Beagle, but made seriously erroneous conclusions.

A Darwinist called the Galapagos Islands a "laboratory for evolution". Wrong.
Credit: RGBStock / Stella Bogdanic
One writer referred to the Galapagos Islands as a "laboratory for evolution". Unfortunately, Darwin's disciples deceive others as well as themselves by conflating variation with evolution, implying dust-to-deceiver evolution. What we see is a passel of different critters, and varieties of those critters, just as the Master Engineer designed them to have. We do not observe evolution.
A recent Livescience article is entitled “The Galápagos Islands: Laboratory of Evolution.” It addresses, among other things, “unique examples of plant and animal life.” The islands contain a variety of biota (the animal and plant life in a particular area), such as the Galápagos giant tortoise, sea lions, the varieties of finches, waved albatrosses, penguins, marine iguanas, and hundreds of native plants. A wide variety of unique species are normal for environments around the world, but where is evidence for real, demonstrative, vertical evolution that the title of the article alludes to? 
To read the rest of this short but interesting article, click on "Are the Galápagos Islands a Laboratory of Evolution?"

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Rewriting Dinosaur Evolution Again

Once again, the hands at the Darwin Ranch have to put in overtime at the propaganda mill. This is because the story dinosaur evolution needs to be reconfigured and rewritten yet again. This post will link to three articles — I have five or six available, but that is asking too much of y'all.

Evolutionists have to rewrite the history of dinosaur evolution again.
Original image: The Passion of Creation by Leonid Pasternak, 1880s
"Why does it need rewriting again, Cowboy Bob?"

Evolutionists and other old-earth believers have their anti-creation assumptions and presuppositions. Then, they commence to plugging in data where it fits. When the data are recalcitrant to evolution, they torture the facts until they confess to whatever is needed. This includes changing the storyline. In today's exciting episode, we see how the narrative of dinosaur evolution keeps on shifting.

What really takes the rag off the bush is when Darwinists claim that they have evidence for evolution that actually works against evolution, or get all fired up over facts that simply lay there doing nothing. In this first article, we have a nice change where papers on largest dinosaur foot ever discovered prudently omitted evolution. We also have a huge dinosaur found in China that causes consternation, "appearing much earlier than expected" and forces timeline rewriting. Another big boy was discovered that also fouls up the timelines because of its development.
You have to squint hard to see the image of Charles Darwin in these bones. It works better if you close your eyes.

Evolutionists do not ‘own’ the history of dinosaurs, even though they pretend to. Do these fossils support the idea that dinosaurs evolved from smaller, simpler animals?
You can read about the three items listed above, and more, by clicking on "Dinosaur Era Fossils Fail to Support Evolution". Our panel of experts agree: no evidence for evolution.

Next up, we have a big pterosaur that evolutionists call "primitive". Why is it primitive? Because it is in the strata where critters existed that Darwinists have arbitrarily assigned "primitive" status. Also, a tinhorn managed to bring global warming into the story!
A large pterosaur in Utah is 65 million Darwin Years older than thought, but was already built for flying.

Very few pterosaurs are known from Triassic rock; this one is amazingly well preserved. What does evolutionary paleontologist Steven Brusatte think of it? He tells the BBC News,
Find out what Steve said, and more about bad pterosaur tales, by clicking on "Good-Flying Cosmopolitan Pterosaur Found Earlier Than Thought".

Finally, the first article linked above touched on the subject of a longneck dinosaur being found in the "wrong place". This one goes into more detail, and shows how Darwinoids are on the prod because the facts are a mite recalcitrant to their metaphysical opinions — that is, their beliefs are not based on actual science, but on rewriting history.
One of their most surprising results was that the new dinosaur was found in rocks well below all other similar diplodocoid discoveries. This fossil stretches the global time span of sauropods to include the early Middle Jurassic—about 174 million years ago, according to secular thinking. However, most diplodocoids, and sauropods in general, do not appear in strata until the Late Jurassic System which was supposedly about 160 million years ago.
To read the entire article, click on "Diplodocoid Dinosaurs Found in Unexpected Place". All of these instances of facts slapping leather with a good story could be mitigated if scientists had the proper starting point. Deep time, evolution, and other creation-defying assumptions simply do not work. The truth is that the world was created recently, and the Genesis Flood explains what has been found far better than secular beliefs.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Physical Death Provides for Life

"Sure is mighty hot, Luke. You sure we can make it to the next town?"

"Yep. Not much father, Clem. Then you, me, and these hosses will get watered."

"Them vultures look impatient for us to give up the ghost."

"They gotta eat too, ya know. But it won't be us."

Luke was right, and after plenty of water and cooling down, Clem commenced to cogitating on the physical part of life and death. We see carrion birds eating roadkill, and know that some scavengers are not too proud to drag off a carcass as a present for the wife and kids. But there is a great deal of activity in death of which we are unaware.

Our Creator provided life for animals and organisms through death.
Credit: US National Park Service / Sally King (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Our Creator knew that with sin, death would enter the world (Romans 5:12). Things die, but can't just lay there. He made provision for them to go away — eventually. It's interesting that some of the microscopic organisms that help creatures survive also help break them down. Sort of like working at a gathering and then having to help with the cleanup detail afterward. No chance of fossilization happening under normal conditions, old son.

Now I'm going to warn you that the disgust factor is very high in the rest of this post. Scavengers are not the only things benefiting from death. There are microbes in the decay process, the patch of land gets fertilized, predators eat scavengers, and so on. The whole process is both disgusting and fascinating. Even more interesting is that Jesus died, but his body did not have decay before he arose from the dead — which fulfilled prophesy (Psalm 16:10, Acts 13:37).

By the way, I reckon that people who get afraid of the "zombie apocalypse", where dead people attack the living, seem to put science aside, and know nothing of the necrobiome. If decay stops, then it's magic or aliens, and you have just another sci-fi horror story. But I'm just speculating here.
Quick show of hands. How many of you have spent time watching an animal decay? Anyone? Unless you live on a farm, the closest you’ve come is probably a squashed squirrel or skunk. You catch a flash of innards as you drive by and that’s enough. Yuck!

But all vertebrates (animals with backbones) go through a similar process when they die. In fact, by all appearances, God put in place a sophisticated system to deal with dead things. Death wasn’t part of the original “very good” world (Genesis 1–3), but we can be glad that after Adam’s sin brought death into the world, the Creator made sure dead animals get absorbed back into the dirt.
For more "yucks" (but still a very interesting subject), click on "Death's Cleanup Crew". 

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rapid Adaptation Supports Engineered Adaptability Model

Votaries of minerals-to-monk evolution generally accept the view promulgated by Darwin that evolution is the result of external "pressures". These cause organisms to adapt and evolve very slowly, eventually turning into something else. Some owlhoots support evolution through fake science and bad papers that often go unnoticed. Creation science, meanwhile, presents reality: designed, targeted, rapid adaptations programmed by the Master Engineer.

Engineered adaptability theorizes rapid change, evolution is the opposite
Assembled and modified using components from Clker clipart and Paint.NET
Instead of external influences on organisms, evidence supports the continuous environmental tracking model. Things change, and they do it far more quickly than Darwin's disciples want. How about the showshoe hare? We know that it changes color from white to brown, and then back again. The change has changed as well according to the environment.

Some evolutionists are admitting that things change quickly. Then they deal from the bottom of the deck and refer to adaptation and change as evolution. Not hardly! Rabbits are still rabbits, geckos are still geckos, killifish are still killifish, and so on. I reckon that they've illegitimately smuggled in the word evolution so much that they've deceived their ownselves; they want to believe, evidence or not. The facts remain that Darwin was wrong, and our Creator is right.
The Institute for Creation Research is developing an engineering-based, organism-focused model called continuous environmental tracking (CET) to explain how organisms self-adjust to changing conditions. Our model anticipates that the adaptive solutions creatures express can also be characterized as directed, rapid, and highly targeted. As we’ve highlighted in this Engineered Adaptability article series, research results are aligning with this expectation.
To read the entire article, click on "Engineered Adaptability: Fast Adaptation Confirms Design-Based Model".

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

If Physicists Knew SUSI...

The articles linked here should have more appeal to people with physics and mathematics background.

Secular physicists have been attempting to salvage their Big Bang concepts, but they only have theoretical constructs, not experimental support. The Higgs boson was thought to be a way to hitch a new team of mules to the old wagon, but that did not work so well. In fact, some scientists speculated that the universe should not even exist. Later, they came up with supersymmetry (SUSY), where bosons and fermions would find their superpartners. Guess they could dance the night away. They don't know SUSI like I know SUSI.

Secular scientists failed to find "supersymmetry" involving quantum fields.
Dance in the City, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1883
It was hoped that experiments at CERN would help lonely particles find their partners and help salvage the dark matter concept (the other team of mules hitched to the wagon for rescuing the failed Big Bang), and also the string theory ideas. Nope. For more about those subjects, see "SUSY is not the solution to the dark matter crisis".

There was also hope that the experiments could verify speculations that top quarks saddled up with the Higgs field gave particles larger mass. This seems to have some experimental support. However, a need for new physics was felt, since the numbers would cancel out somehow, leaving small values. Although the Standard Model has some validity, the Big Bang still lacks support. Since supersymmetry only works on paper, it can never be disproved; materialists can keep their Creator-denying faith in cosmic evolution rolling along. They're waiting for the big dance that will never happen.

No one knows the reason that some particles interact strongly with the Higgs field, giving them a large mass, while other particles react weakly, giving them a smaller mass. These so-called coupling strengths are treated as constants of nature that must be measured. According to the very successful Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (QFT), the Higgs mass should be 1017 (a hundred million billion) times larger than the 126 GeV that has been observed at the Large Hadron Collider, due to quantum mechanical (QM) interactions among the underlying quantum fields. This must mean that the QM interactions that make large positive contributions dozens of digits long to the Higgs mass have added to the large negative contributions dozens of digits long to give the Higgs its tiny resulting mass (cf. proton’s mass = 0.938 GeV).
To read the entire article, click on "Higgs boson and top quark coupled together — What does it mean?"

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Pandemic of Unchallenged Darwinism

Here in these United States, we have laws against monopolies and racketeering. Sometimes they are even enforced. Unfortunately, since secular humanism (atheism, really) is the de facto state religion here and in other parts of the world, and monopolies on information cannot be restrained, evolutionary thought is mostly unchallenged. Especially in secular science publications, as even a hint of Darwin doubt is intolerable.

Since they refuse challenge, secularists have a great deal of nonsense passed off as actual science.
Background image furnished by Why?Outreach
On rare occasions, the censorship against creationists and Intelligent Design proponents is lifted enough so that something not overtly threatening to evolution is allowed for publication. But if those same folks knock at the science department's front door and says, "I have some science that challenges Darwin and/or deep time", then it's "Katie, bar the door!" and Darwin's disciples scurry away through the escape tunnel in the storage room. Meanwhile, creationists have to use their own resources to make information available because of the bigotry inherent in the secular science industry.


True science thrives on challenge and discussion, not on consensus and monopoly, old son. 

Since secularists control the information monopoly on science, weird stuff gets through unchallenged. Some of it is even contradictory. But because it was presented by secularists, they are given a pat on the head, a lollipop — and more grant money. Evolution made the laziest the most fit. No, wait! H. erectus was driven to extinction by laziness, never mind that neither fairy tale has any science or facts. Birds and plants in the cities show variations like their cousins in the wild, then Darwin is imported and conflation occurs.

You can read about the unchallenged nonsense presented as science, plus a bit more, by clicking on "Silly Evolution Speculations Would Cease If Media Allowed Fair Debate".

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