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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Work of Noah

The Genesis Flood (also called the Noachian Flood, among others) radically changed the earth's surface and send secular geologists on a goat rodeo to try and force-fit the observed data into their paradigm. Doesn't work too well. Creationary models explain data far better, as we have seen numerous times. What about Noah himself and the massive project?

Noah's Ark was a massive project, but not impossible
The Animals Entering Noah' Ark, Jacopo Bassano, 1570s
Scoffers argue from ignorance and incredulity based on their naturalistic presuppositions, saying that the Flood was fictitious, such as this bigot. There are no miracles — because atheism. They refuse to even consider the possibilities of Noah doing his work, preferring prejudicial conjecture to learning our side of the story. Two reasons scoffers hate recent creation is because Darwinism needs long ages, and it shows that God is our Creator. They also hate the Flood because not only does geology support creationary models, but Noah's Ark is a type (foreshadowing) of Christ.

Evolutionary presuppositions dictate that ancient man had not evolved a great deal of intelligence, which has been refuted by the skills of say, the Neanderthals and the dudes formerly known as Cro-Magnon. Noah and the people of his time, and afterward, were not the semi-sapient brutes that evolutionists would have us imagine.

Yes, the Flood was a miraculous event. However, it had natural effects that are studied. Otherwise, God could have simply lifted up Noah, his family, and animals, flooded the world, and then set them back down without having to deal with Ark building.

Don't disunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with asking honest questions. We have reasonable, biblical speculations and inferences. For instance, who can reasonably say that Noah did not hire local labor? They didn't have to agree with his views (I do not agree with the views of my own employer, but I work anyway). There are several other items worth considering. Intelligent people, with God's help, were able to make things work. And it was work. Obviously, it wasn't a pleasure cruise!

From here, I'm going to send y'all sailing to a series of three articles. Each has an audio version (but obviously you'd miss out of the graphics):

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Silliness in Searching for Aliens

Things are getting silly with the hands at the Darwin Ranch, down Deception Pass way. They are so certain of their presuppositions about evolution, they assume that it happened both on Earth and way out yonder, thataway. (Worse, they assume that the origin of life began in space as well.) But they're used to believing in things without evidence, such as the Oort cloud (some think the fantastical death star "Nemesis" stirs up the mythical Oort cloud), and believing fish-to-fish farmer evolution itself. So, betting on the odds of their own fantasies that some intelligent life must be out there, some folks keep looking.

Credit: Pixabay / Stefan Keller
Some scientists want us to keep mum about our presence, as bad things could happen. Others are determined to go ahead and broadcast into space, even setting dates by which we would be contacted — but those speculators would be long gone so they don't have to own up to their errors. The following link has several interesting items about just how weird and desperate the creation-deniers are getting.
Believers in space aliens, or even space bacteria, have cast all restraint to the wind. SETI today is indistinguishable from a cult, and so is its stepchild, astrobiology.
NASA has been studying space for 60 years, Space.com reminds us. The search for life beyond earth has gone on even longer. In all this time, with close observations of every planet and remote observations of many stars, not one shred of evidence for life beyond earth has ever been found. And yet secular scientists and the mainstream media speak as if extraterrestrial life is a virtual certainty.
To read the rest and several reports, click on "Nuts for Aliens".

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Secular Geologists Mystified by Sheet Sands

In studies of origins, a great deal of attention is given to the historical sciences of geology and paleontology. Most of the fossils are in six megasequences, which present strong evidence for the Genesis Flood. Other aspects of geology are of interest, especially since secular geologists are unable to furnish plausible uniformitarian models and explanations for what is observed.

Sheet sands are a constant problem for secular geology models, but the Genesis Flood models provide a superior explanation for their existence.
Detail of the wind and water-weathered sandstone that forms the
Beehive Formation in the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park
Credit: Alex Demas / US Geological Survey
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
One of the many aspects of geology that mystifies secularists is sheet sands. It may be possible to occasionally write off something unusual, but not these things. They extend over vast areas, and defy uniformitarian explanations. (They cling to their deep time notions, and refuse to acknowledge scientific evidence that the earth is actually much younger than in their philosophies.) Uniformitarian geologists lasso some vague terms to blind us with science, but it's just expensive wording that means, "We ain't got a clue". Once again, biblical creation science Flood models give far more plausible explanations.
Sheet sands are widespread, thin sandstones that blanket large regions of the continents. Most are composed of extremely pure quartz of uniform, well-rounded grains that contain almost no shale. Secular geologists have tried to explain their presence for decades and have failed to develop a satisfactory answer. Their best models invoke “atypical depositional conditions unique to shallow epeiric seas” and “are viewed as sufficiently different from other modern and ancient sedimentary successions that some textbooks treat them as a separate category of stratigraphic unit.”
In other words, not only are the sands hard to explain, they fail to follow uniformitarian expectations. Many of these sheet sandstones extend for hundreds of miles and are just a few tens of feet thick.
To finish reading, click on "Resolving the Sheet Sand Enigma".

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Destroying Darwin Deniers

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Although disciples of Darwin pretend that there is no basis for reports that creationists and other Darwin deniers are fired from science and academia, facts show otherwise. Secularists may throw us an occasional "maybe" that there was substance to the dismissal claims of creationists and ID supporters, but they generally say that the wise and noble secular judges were right in dismissing claims.

Persecution and discrimination against those who deny Darwin is increasing
Click for full size (original graphic source unknown)
Persecution of Christians, Intelligent Design supporters, and biblical creationists is on the increase. One of the more famous cases is that of Dr. David Coppedge. Another high-profile case is that of Mark Armitage, who was fired after presenting facts in a peer-reviewed paper regarding dinosaur soft tissue. Armitage prevailed in his lawsuit, which is surprising.

Dr. Jerry Bergman was removed from Bowling Green State University for his creationary views. It happened again! He was asked to resign (effectively fired) as a professor from Northwest State College after 25 years. Those tinhorns make me wonder how they got their jobs, because Dr. Bergman is a prolific author and highly credentialed. What really takes the rag off the bush is that this brilliant and respected author, lecturer, and professor has also completed three weighty volumes in a projected series of five regarding how Darwin deniers are persecuted; they just gave someone with a high profile material for his books! You can listen to his story at this 42-minte podcast, and there are additional links. I have to add, though, that Bob Enyart (the show's host) promotes a heresy called "Open Theism", so I advise against clicking on his theology links.


In related news, Dr. Bergman wrote an article about Dr. Günter Bechly, who was forced to resign after leaving atheism and endorsing Intelligent Design. Darwin's Flying Monkeys© are intolerant of anyone leaving evolutionism or atheism. Their death cult needs to be protected from scrutiny, and anyone who does not ride for the brand with full devotion must be punished. The Intelligent Design movement is not even biblical creation science! Let's take a look at the article:
One recent case is that of the distinguished paleontologist, Dr. Günter Bechly, a world expert on fossil insects, who was forced to resign [a tactful way to say he was fired] as curator for the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany. Then, as a result, he was censored from Wikipedia.  The editors at Wikipedia attempted to cover up their censorship of Günter, a world-class expert on dragonflies, by claiming his heresy on ID had nothing to do with their decision. Instead, they proclaimed the censorship was because he is not “notable” enough to include in their free online encyclopedia.
To read the rest of this article, click on "Change Your Mind on Darwinism, Get Expelled". There are some additional comments below, I'd be much obliged if you'd keep reading.

A frequent propaganda tactic is ridicule. One sidewinder will use ridicule, ad hominem attacks, false thesis arguments, straw man arguments, and more — often in the same paragraph, or even the same sentence. Here, he plagiarized a post from Wikipedia and attempted to sound scientific with psychology, but that is a false thesis and has nothing to do with the reality of the persecution of Christians. He is doing the persecuting, then blaming those he persecutes for objecting, saying that they have a mental illness! A diagnosis of the mental disorder shown below is made by a qualified expert after dealing with a patient, not by an uneducated, anonymous atheopath who is trying to distract from his own wicked actions. (Mayhaps he needs to be examined for what appears to be projection.) His bigotry is given approval by others of his ilk:

Click for full size
Despite the denials of fundamentalist evolutionists and misotheists, persecution of those who doubt, deny, or even question the Bearded Buddha is increasing. For that matter, the persecution of Christians in general is increasing. Keep your heads down, those of you who reject evolutionism. Biblical creationists, y'all need to remember that God is in charge, and they will stand before him one day.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Amber and Vampire Hell Ants

Remember the Dracula movie with Bela Lugosi? If you looked into his eyes, he had hypnotic power. The lighting helped, too. Here, we look into the amber and see Linguamyrmex vladi. Scientists got a mite creative there, that last word vladi is based on Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracul and Vlad the Impaler. He had a nasty way of dealing with enemies, and became part of the inspiration for the Dracula novel and movies.

Although nobody has any idea what the thing called a vampire hell ant actually ate, it had some interesting vertical trap jaw mandibles that are similar to vertical mandibles of ants living today. Did they grab another insect as prey, tip it like Junior's sippy cup and drink bug juice? Not all that likely, really. It may have used it to impale fresh fruit and drink that stuff down like a forerunner of the juice box. I reckon the "vampire hell ant" moniker is just a trifle hyperbolic. Gets your attention, though.

"Vampire hell ant" in amber, no sign of evolution, just design
Linguamyrmex vladi in amber close-up credit: Phillip Barden for www.AntWeb.org
(usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Advocates of atoms-to-ant evolution assign the Burmese amber a date of 99 million years (it must have been on sale, it's usually 100 million years). Of course, dating is based on assumptions and presuppositions that fit the evolutionary narrative. There is evidence of the Master Engineer at work, but nothing resembling evolutionary evidence. That's because even ants were created, but Darwinists detest that fact.
Locked in amber around the world are countless tiny flowers and small animals ranging from insects to lizards. Among these are hell ants—extinct ants with scythe-like jaws that moved upward in a vertical plane rather than horizontally. However fearsome these sound, you might well wonder how such an ant could eat. Detailed images of a newly discovered species of hell ant in Burmese amber may hold the answer.
All living ants—and lots of fossilized ones—have pincer-like mandibles that converge in front of the face. Their mandibles serve many functions—cutting leaves, digging, carrying their young, and ripping off bits of food from either a plant or dead animal. Since no living ants have vertically oriented mandibles, scientists can’t be certain how hell ants used them, but now they have some good clues.
To read the rest, click on "Vampire Hell Ants Preserved in Burmese Amber". BONUS! While we're talking about critters trapped in amber, you can learn about lizards that surprised evolutionists by showing no signs of evolution. Click on "‘Surprising’ lizards in amber". 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Scientism and Free Will

Every once in a while, an atheopath will claim that "an omniscient God negates free will". This shows a blatant special pleading fallacy: imposing a different standard on others than for oneself. Why is this special pleading? Because free will is impossible in a materialistic evolutionary worldview that atheists presuppose! It is also a ridiculous objection because the owhoot is fabricating a simplistic excuse to rebel against the God that he pretends does not exist (Romans 1:18-23, Psalm 14:1).

Why is free will impossible for an evolutionist? Because we are just bundles of chemicals responding to what electrochemical dictate, according to materialists. They are atheists because of their chemistry. The Japanese did not have free will when they bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. Chemistry also "explains" mass murderers, abortionists, faqirs, doctors, philanthropists, biblical creationists — we are all "born that way". So, an atheist has no right to complain about my promoting biblical creation science, if he is consistent in his worldview. If the atheist says something is "wrong", he or she is tacitly denying atheism and standing on the biblical worldview, which makes sense of the preconditions of human experience! For an atheist to object with his simplistic straw man argument about God denying free will, he or she is hypocritical.

Theologians have wrestled with ways of explaining free will for a mighty long time. Calvinists have their explanations, Arminians have their ideas, other groups answer the free will question differently as well. There is even dissent among the ranks of various groups. Since I refuse to identify as Calvinist or Arminian and simply identify myself as a Christian who is a biblical creationist, I am not going to tackle the question. It's too big and beyond the scope of this site, you savvy? Even so, I will say that God is sovereign, and he will not do wicked things because he is a loving God and our Redeemer. Here is a modern English section of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith on free will.

But I will give you some interesting material to read, even though the atheopath who made the complaint that started this discussion has an aversion to learning (Prov. 18:2 ESV), and I don't think he's read any article he's criticized. Learning the truth is frightening to some folks, I reckon. Secular scientists are being inconsistent by insisting against their worldview that free will exists, and then trying to find it. See "Can Scientists Find Free Will?" for more information. Also, I hope you'll read "No Free Will According to Evolution". 

Finally, we come to the article that is being featured here today. Atheists are promoting Scientism (an irrational emphasis on the scientific method as a way of life and a de facto religion). Their Scientism involves rejecting free will, and incorporating nature into our choices. This is a kind of pantheism, which is fitting, since evolution is an ancient pagan pantheistic/animistic religion before Darwin made it into a pseudoscience.
In their new book, The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow defend scientific determinism . . . They essentially argue that the laws of nature must hold true in all cases without being overridden by divine intervention. Scientific laws must operate without exceptions, except “under a stipulated set of conditions. ”
. . .

If a person begins with scientific determinism and a no-exceptions view of the laws of nature, then it makes sense that he would conclude that free will is illusory. However, this still causes many problems for the Hawking and Mlodinow argument. No doubt they would try to persuade people of the veracity of their view. Presumably this is at least one reason for writing this book. However, if free will is an illusion, what is the point of persuasion? If Hawking and Mlodinow are correct, then a person agrees or disagrees, is persuaded or not persuaded, only because he was scientifically determined to do so. Hawking and Mlodinow hold their view and wrote their book only because they were scientifically determined to do so.
To read the rest (you have a choice in the matter, you know), click on "The Grand Design and Free Will". Also, for an article on how evolutionary psychologists actively deny free will (which is consistent with evolutionism), click on "Evolutionary Psychologists Deny Their Own Minds". And an interesting parody by ApologetiX is below.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Evolutionary Racism Against — Neanderthals?

Once again, I want to emphasize a couple of things. First, informed biblical creationists do not believe in "races", as evinced in Acts 17:26 and the fact that the Bible does not use the word "races". Also, we do not say that evolution causes racism. Racism has existed for millennia, but Darwinism has been used to make it scientifically respectable. If you study on it, the ones making the "science" thought darker-skinned people were of inferior evolution and Caucasians were superior. And before someone from Fallacy Central puts words in my mouth: no, being an evolutionist does not mean you're a racist.

The evolution narrative has been proven false, Neanderthals were fully human
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Zarateman
There are no races, but there are people groups. But since "people group-ism" is a mite awkward, I'll use the more widely understood and less syllabic word racist for the purpose of discussion.

Despite evolutionary mythology, scientists have reluctantly admitted that Neanderthals were indeed fully human. (See the links at "Losing Face to Neanderthals" for more information.) Nonetheless, some evolutionists (like this atheopath) are still showing their racist tendencies — the same attitudes against people groups are reflected against Neanderthals, whose genes many of us share. Yep, those folks were created, not evolved. Just like you and me. So spare us the historical racism, old son.
The evidence shows that Neanderthals were fully human, having shared genetic information with us. Why, then, do Darwin Supremacists continue to treat them as “other” than human?

One clear case (among many) where paleoanthropologists have been totally wrong has been in the classification of Neanderthals as a separate species, Homo neanderthalensis. As pointed out before, this amounts to a case of historical racism. For years, there have been growing signs that these ancient humans were just as intelligent as modern humans. The clincher in the last few years, though, is that we all have Neanderthal genes in us. Clearly, any individual capable of interbreeding and carrying on fertile offspring over generations counts as a member of the same species.

The following headlines show, however, that evolutionists are reluctant to give up the iconic images of “Neanderthal Man” that have decorated evolutionary books for generations, portraying our brethren as dark-skinned subhumans not as bright as Europeans.
To read the startling information, click on "Neanderthal Racism Continues". Also, since skin color has been used for racism, y'all might be interested in some genetic research. For this, click on "Skin Color Research Confirms Biblical Narrative". While I'm at it, I'll offer up to you this post, "The Biblical Response to Racism".

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