What is Really Seen from the Webb Telescope

Secular cosmologists, cosmogonists, and astronomers are frequently astonished when their expectations are not supported by space exploration. So are deep-time creationists and many in the Intelligent Design community. They expect to see evidence supporting their beliefs in cosmic evolution.

There were high hopes that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) would reveal the primordial universe. Galaxies still forming, stars with only the lightest elements, and certain aspects of the redshift. Instead, they were astonished — again — and rescuing devices ensued.

M80 galaxy, Flickr / NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (CC BY 2.0)
Over ten years ago, some atheopaths started a Page on Fakebook for the purpose of attacking me personally because of my stand on biblical creation science. (Attack the person instead of rationally dealing with the content...it's who they are and what they do.) I had written that there is no evidence of stars forming, and they found a secular piece that claimed to show that very thing.

False. It is not possible to see stars forming, but there are many secular stories of "stellar nurseries" and such. Once the supposed conditions are right and a star commences to start composing, just sit right back and wait a million years. Evolutionary material is saturated with such claims, and with the JWST, we have stories based on Big Bang presuppositions; the narrative takes primary importance. Sometimes adjustments can be made when the evidence doesn't fit the stories, but secularists and their churchian allies cannot escape the fact that evidence points to recent creation. Worse for secularists is the fact that predictions made by biblical creationists were supported!
Since becoming fully operational in 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been collecting some of the most breathtaking images of the heavens ever seen. Roughly the size of a tennis court, this $10-billion observatory is the largest and most powerful telescope ever built.

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Observations from space telescopes like JWST do not show us how or when stars and galaxies formed. Rather, these observations simply tell us what they look like. The interpretation of these images is driven by a scientist’s worldview. Everyone has a worldview built on only one of two options: God’s Word or man’s word. Our worldview largely influences our scientific predictions.

I'd be much obliged if you'd read the entire article at "What Does the James Webb Space Telescope Show Us?" For more about inconvenient truths for secularists in space, see "JWST Sets Record for Early Mature Galaxies." You'll thank me later.