The 2024 Solar Eclipse and Divine Judgment

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People are totally (heh!) excited about the February 8, 2024 solar eclipse, even more so than they were in 2017. Scientists can make observations, make predictions, test equipment, and so on. I'm happy for them. This one will be a bit different than the last one.

It is not just for scientists, either. Just two days ago at church, I was talking with a couple of ladies who have friends in the area of totality. They are taking a trip there. Also, I saw people asking a worker at a big box store if they had the eclipse glasses. Get ISO 12312-2 from a reputable dealer to be safe.

So I was surprised to hear that God's judgment on the formerly United States is part of the festivities.

People are totally excited about the solar eclipse, scientists and other people. Unfortunately, some Christians think they see Divine judgment. Wrong.
Total solar eclipse 2017, NASA / Aubrey Gemignani (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Bluntly, these people who see "signs" and "prophecy fulfillment" are embarrassing. Yes, the paths of the two eclipses make an X on the continental US. The eclipse also shadows towns and cities of interesting names. Big deal! When professing Christians get all het up over nothing, it adds fuel to the fire of atheists and other mockers. What is important is in Scripture, not people imagining things that confirm their biases. Indeed, they act like many evolutionists.

How about having fun with the eclipse and leaving that alleged spiritual stuff out of it? It''s better for all of us. Instead, appreciate the grandeur of what the Creator has done, and its importance. And please be safe. You'll thank me later.

We are now one week away from the April 8 total solar eclipse. In previous blog posts, I gave tips about how to safely watch the eclipse and what to expect to see and experience during totality. In this blog post, I’ll take on an idea that is making its rounds on the internet.

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