Evolution, Creation, and Legal Rights for Trees

People have been trying for some time now to give legal status to parts of nature, which most folks find...truly bizarre. Rivers can file lawsuits, an elephant was declared a person for a while, and more. At least Utah and some other states are not participating in this madness. Yet.

Nature "rights" are rooted in evolutionary beliefs. Think about it: We all evolved from a common ancestor, so humans are not special — and not created in the image of God. Indeed, many environmentalists are actually engaging in goddess worship. Now we are to talk to trees?

Environmental extremists try to give legal status things in nature. This degrades humanity. Some think we should talk to and give rights to trees.
Dead trees, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen

People giving legal status to things in nature lower the status of humans, and wanting to talk to trees is not helping matters. Yes, they have their own communications systems, but denizens of the Wood Wide Web are not exactly having discussions or developing a culture. Yet some evolutionists think that every living thing has intelligence.

An image of vegetables floating around on the internet is captioned. It says that innocent plants are killed each day by vegetarians, so end the violence. Although a joke, it includes a hint of the thinking that plants can think.

Earth Day is ostensibly about promoting interest in protecting the environment and in taking action. This evolution- and leftist-based activity is saturated with extremists. Ironically, taking care of the environment is something God commanded us to do; we're ahead of the radicals. Biblically, humans have dominion and are stewards — managers of God's property.

‘Killing’ trees: How true environmental protection requires a revolution in how we talk about, and with, our forests (The Conversation, 30 Oct 2023). Sarah Abbott, an art professor at the University of Regina (not a scientist), gets the stage at this soapbox for academic nuts and flakes. Abbott loves trees (as most people do). But she thinks we need to talk to them:

. . .

Beyond talking to our local trees, do we need to give them equal rights?

. . .

Ah yes, Darwin: the prophet for the modern pantheistic religion of emergence “gives rise to” another misanthropic Darwin Effect.

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