Evolution Taken by Faith in Plant Receptors

Some of the hands from the Darwin Ranch traveled down from Deception Pass and gone into town to celebrate. Rusty Swingset, the foreman, was even paying for their drinks. The reason? Some evolutionists had used education, technology, and skill in making a hybrid plant receptor, supposedly demonstrating no intelligence or Designer was necessary. Study on that a spell.

Good science is often tainted by worthless efforts to prove evolution. Plants pay attention to their environment with receptors, and two of them control development and immunity.

Woodland sunflower, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen
It is not an isolated incident. Instead, faulty logic, incomplete evidence, materialistic presuppositions, and more are common. For that matter, part of our DNA was called "junk" by tinhorns who did not know what they were doing and used a faulty dataset. Other Darwinists gleefully joined in and added their two grotzits-worth of opinions "Junk" DNA became the consensus — and it was harmful to medical science. Unfortunately for science itself, bad reasoning is far too common.

In this case, these jaspers use circular reasoning by assuming evolution to show evolution. Opinion and the desire to have biases confirmed appeared. But in the secular science industry, bad logic is a good thing. Never mind that the common ancestor of the plant receptor cells under investigation is taken by faith, not scientifically demonstrated. They will not find this alleged ancestor not only because of faulty reasoning, but because the Creator did not use evolution.
God has designed plants to continuously track their environment. They do so with specially designed detectors (also called receptors) on the surface of their cells. Such detectors are critical in a host of biological processes such as development and immunity.

Recently, a group of plant biologists published an article titled “Plant receptors that control immunity and development share a common origin.” The researchers are from the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) and supposedly “have traced the origin and evolutionary trajectory of plant immune receptors.”

The rest of the article is found at "Plant Receptors Are Designed to Control Immunity and Development."