Brainwashed to believe in evolution

"Whenever someone punctures the theory of evolution, he or she is subject to character assassination, so vested is the left in the philosophy of naturalism."
— Jim Fletcher

Whenever someone dares to show flaws in the religion of evolutionism, they are subject to ridicule. Why is that? I mean, really? If the "theory" of evolution can stand on its own merits, and if the spirit of true scientific inquiry is alive and well, evidences against evolution would be examined. 
Media have always been biased, usually outrageously biased. All thinking people realize both liberals and conservatives are biased, although the liberal-dominated media in America point that finger at conservatives. 
Though conservatives have a quasi-conservative news network, TV's deck is quite stacked in favor of liberals. The three major news networks have been dominated by a left-wing worldview for decades, and if you don't believe me, read extensively about Uncle Walter Cronkite. The next generation, people like Katie Couric, exist to push a left-wing bias.
Much of the new media generation, marinated for three decades in multi-culturalism, is also leading from the left. The subject for a future column will be the "progressive" leanings of Christian media. 
For today, though, I'd like to take a quick look at how two worldviews concerning origins are presented.
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