Evolutionist Quote

"For the past five years, I have closely followed creationist literature and have attended lectures and debates on related issues.... based solely on the scientific arguments pro and con, I have been forced to conclude that scientific creationism is not only a viable theory, but that it has achieved parity with (if not superiority over) the normative theory of biological evolution

That this should now be the case is somewhat surprising, particularly in view of what most of us were taught in primary and secondary school.

In practical terms, the past decade of intense activity by scientific creationists has left most evolutionist professors unwilling to debate the creationist professors. Too many of the evolutionists have been publicly humiliated in such debates by their own lack of erudition and by the weaknesses of their theory."

Robert F. Smith, "Origins and Civil Liberties," Creation Social Science and Humanities Quarterly, 3 (Winter 1980): 23-24.

"Origins and Civil Liberties," by Robert E. Smith as quoted in Creation Social Sciences and Humanities Quarterly, 3 (Winter 1980): 23-24.