Land Surfaces are Evidence for the Genesis Flood

Uniformitarianism simply fails to explain what is observed not only in the fossil record, but the landscapes of the world. Here is an article that emphasizes how the flat land surfaces testify to the global flood.

The globe we call home is adorned with beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges and lush, wide valleys. Plains and plateaus are common. Have you ever wondered how these landscapes formed?

Most scientists who study landforms (i.e. geomorphologists) believe the landscape was carved slowly by the same erosion processes that they observe today. This idea, that the ‘present is the key to the past’, is called uniformitarianism.
Starting with this belief, scientists try to imagine how rain, snow, ice and water eroded the rock bit by bit over millions of years. Increasingly, how­ever, these scientists are finding that there are many landscapes on the earth that they cannot explain this way.
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