Ascent of Love

One of my contentions with evolutionists is that to accept the alleged "fact" of evolution, I have to suspend too much disbelief. It makes sense to me that laws and facts tend to work in the same manner on a regular, predictable basis. Yet, when examining the diversity of nature, I see everything "evolving" differently. This sounds like intricate design rather than utilitarian adaptation and mutation. Another example is this scent of love scenario:
Love is calling in the temperate forests of Australasia. An exotic perfume (called a pheromone) floats in the air, sending an irresistible message to the males of just one species of insect—the Fungus Gnat—that a female Fungus Gnat is nearby and desires a mate. A male gnat answering the call finds that the amorous female appears to be located within the flower of a Greenhood Orchid.
When a male gnat lands on a protruding part of the flower called the irritable lip or labellum, the lip, which is hinged, suddenly snaps shut, imprisoning the gnat within the flower. Is the gnat about to become the orchid’s breakfast? No, the Greenhood Orchid has a much more sophisticated use for the gnat.
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