Baffled by "Question Evolution"

This site is a year old. I missed the anniversary because I was so wrapped up in the "Question Evolution Day" campaign (which is not affiliated with Creation Ministries International, even though I use their materials). My focus for this site is still evolving (heh!) and sharpening.

I have not made any secret over the fact that I am a Biblical creationist. The purpose of this site was to keep Biblical materials to a minimum so that scientific evidence against evolution and for creation can be prominent. Since I am not ashamed of the gospel, I am not going to weed out articles that say, for instance, "Here is a Biblical model and the evidence supports it". Those with intellectual honesty will realize that we are presenting our models and interpretations, just as evolutionists are presenting their own. After all, that is what true scientific inquiry is about, yes?

In the intervening year, I have encountered some particularly antagonistic atheists who are interested in attacking God, the Bible, Christianity itself, me and whatever else they could set their sights on. Also, I have encountered a few evolutionists who want to discuss the science, but they were few and far between, eventually showing their true colors and going on the attack.


I have learned several things:

  • These people are welded to their presuppositions
  • They do not do their homework about creationists and ID proponents, ignorant of what is really taught (i.e., accusing us of simply saying, "Goddidit", or that we use the Bible exclusively) and ignorant of the credentials of scientists who present views contrary to evolutionism
  • Many are extremely angry and full of hate, policing what they consider "science"; hate "stupidifies" people (that word is a "Slickism") and feel that they are protecting "science" from "religious" people
  • Logical fallacies run rampant
  • Surprisingly common to use outdated "science" as well as tendentious interpretations of facts in desperate attempts to cling to the evolutionist faith
  • It is difficult to engage in a discussion when hate, presuppositions, ignorance, bad "science" and lack of logic are the dominant factors
  • The need is indeed very great to counteract the (let's be blunt here) brainwashing of evolutionism
The following article shows some of what I have experienced (except that the skeptic writing to CMI is actually civil).
Sam B. emailed us, having spent some hours reading articles on, after being alerted to CMI’s Question Evolution campaign by an atheist blog site. Sam’s email is presented in its entirety and then Philip Bell responds.
To read Sam's questions and remarks followed by Philip Bell's response, click here for "Skeptic puzzled by ‘Question Evolution’ campaign".