Darwin Day was a Yawner

Despite the efforts of atheist and evolutionists to get religious celebrations in honor of Papa Darwin and to have their philosophies into the churches, "Darwin Day" (February 12), it seemed to go largely unnoticed. There were individuals who used the day as an excuse to assert their opinions as fact and to present bad science as conclusive proof of evolution, and there were those of us who stated that we have the right to disbelieve in the alleged "science" of evolution. People did not really care.
Charles Darwin was born February 12, 1809, but not many people celebrated "Darwin Day" on February 12 this year. One Texas columnist lamented this lack of festivity, as well as polls showing that 40 percent of Americans believe in creationism and about a third of Texans believe that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.
In an opinion piece for the San Marcos Mercury, Lamar Hankins wrote: 
I look to the consensus among experts to decide what is true…. Evolutionary biologists and those in related fields understand that the theory of evolution is indeed proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Since I am not a biologist, I think it is rational to accept the scientific consensus that evolution is true.
You can read Lamar's opinion, and the rest of "Why 'Darwin Day' Passed without Fanfare", here.