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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Assumptions on the Fossil Record

"We know evolution is true because we have transitional forms!"

No, you have things that look something like other things, but you do not have undisputed "transitional forms".

"We know evolution is true because we have the fossils!"

No, you have preconceptions loaded with assumptions. Fossilization is uncommon. Although there are billions of fossils, there are many more creatures that were not fossilized. The overwhelming majority of fossils are marine life, and over ninety-five percent are marine invertebrates.

By the way, we have fossils too. It's not a case of your facts versus our facts; everyone has the same facts. The questions arise on the interpretations of the facts. The coelacanth fossils were dated at 70 million years old, and it was assumed that it "disappeared" because no more were found in the fossil record. But the coelacanth was simply playing peek-a-boo, as it was discovered to be alive and well — and unchanged. The only real fact is that a coelacanth fossil was found. Presumptions that it did not exist before or after the date that was assigned to the fossil are simply guesswork. Biblical creationists do not need to do such manipulation of the evidence or make excuses.

When the facts about fossils are examined according to evolutionary criteria, we find that they end up contradicting themselves.

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