Creation Links

The full title of this page might be, "Links Supporting Creation, Debunking Evolution, Affirming the Existence of God and Supporting the Bible, with Some Overlap". That is, I have collected links that appeared to be useful. They have quite a range to them, and I hope they will be useful not only to honestly-inquiring skeptics, but to Christians seeking to uphold their faith, homeschoolers and other people as well.

Some are creationist and use science quite extensively. Others use apologetics to discuss the validity of the Bible. Still others are primarily theological in nature, with a bit of science. Use your discretion, take what you need and ignore the rest. My own preference for this site was to have little to no theological materials, because scientific facts support creation and ruin evolution. But I cannot honestly expect Bible-believing Christians who are presenting evidence for God to ignore him completely just to please unbelievers, now, can I? After all, if someone has a point of view to present, they present it along with supporting evidence.

One problem I have is that some material is outdated. I have seen some theories and evidences in these links that have been discarded or otherwise removed from consideration by creationists. So, we have to take the bad with the good, and use discretion. Some sites never made it to this list because they seemed more sensationalistic than rational, I hate to say.

Therefore, I cannot fully endorse everything linked. It's up to you to read and think.

This list will be in no particular order, and I will update it as I discover links or have them suggested to me.

Links to more general apologetics, click on Christian Apologetics Resources
Creation Ministries International

Created or Evolved? - Excellent overview of biblical creation science
Answers In Genesis

Creation-Evolution Headlines — Daily science news from a creation perspective, with a unique approach at analyzing statements by evolutionists
Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship - Evidence Against Old Earth Arguments

Creation Today - Know and defend our faith in Creator God

Creation Education Center

Creation Science Association for Mid-America — Includes debate challenge

Institute for Creation Research

Science Essentials by ICR - Practical Resources for Teaching Creation-Based Science

Creation Outreach Ministries - UK-based, Encouraging Christians to stand on authority of God's Word, especially in creation

Genesis Apologetics

The Silver Bullet that Killed Evolution

Creation Science 4 Kids

"Expelled Exposed": Exposed! — Rebuttal to National Center for Science Education's hit piece on the documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed".

True.Origin — Exposing the Myth of Evolution

Ian Juby (Wazooloo) Creation Science Videos and Rants

"Origins" TV - Videos on Demand

Evolution? - Bas Feijen's in-depth examination

Evolution is Stupid! - Online book

4th Day Alliance — Biblical Creation Astronomy

Creation Truth Foundation

Real Science Radio - Bob Enyart, Fred Williams, various guests and topics, audio downloads and resources

Genesis Park - Showing that dinosaurs and man were created together and co-existed

Dragons of Genesis - Plenty of material on dinosaurs - You thought they were extinct? Well...

Project CREATION - Educational & resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Science Against Evolution — Topical Index, Articles, Links

Creation Evidence Museum of Texas
Quad Cities Creation Science Association (based in Davenport, Iowa)

Defending Genesis

Creation Studies Institute

Creation Research Society — Includes selected technical journal articles

Discover Creation

Creation Worldview Ministries

Scripture On Creation - Dr. Ben Scripture

Bible-Science Guy - Debunking evolutionism. Exalting the Creator. Exploring Creation.

Biblical Geology Creation vs. Evolution — Education Resources (site best viewed with Internet Explorer) — Many resources

Evolution Dismantled

Creation Science Evangelism

Origins Resource Association

Creation Tips — A Christian Site with a Creationist Slant

Creation SuperLibrary™ — Articles, Books and Videos for Sale