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Monday, January 4, 2021

The Pituitary Powerhouse

It is never a good idea to underestimate small things. While viruses are a prime example, a very small gland keeps many important things running in your body. It is the supervisor of endocrine glands, and without it, serious conditions can develop.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, public domain image edited by Jim Thomas (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The pituitary is beneath the hypothalamus in both authority and its literal position. This regulates the pituitary's functions and supplies it with hormones (chemical messengers). If you study on it, the entire system is yet another example of specified complexity that time, chance, random processes, mutations, natural selection, and other Darwinian concepts can produce. We are talking about the work of the Master Engineer.

Tucked away at the base of your brain, behind your sinuses, is a pea-size gland called the pituitary. People once mistakenly thought this little organ simply made mucus when your nose runs. Now it is called “the master gland” because it controls most of your other endocrine glands—the organs that secrete chemical messengers to keep your body working properly. The pituitary controls many things, such as your skin cells’ production of pigment and the growth of your bones. It secretes ten different hormones (chemical messengers) into your blood to direct these and many other vital body functions.

To read the full article, see "Pituitary—A Miniscule Master".

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Anti-Creationists and Moral Duty

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Whether social media or in the secular science industry itself, atheists and other anti-creationists oppose biblical creation science on "moral grounds". While getting ready to saddle up for Question Evolution Day, we should look at the presuppositions and definitions behind their claims.

Anti-creationists claim they want science to triumph over mythology. By redefining reality, they seek to put their own mythology in power.

The statement the misotheist (above) is paraphrased from a real comment. Science is not a person or an ideology. If you study on it, you'll see that it's a philosophical framework that uses logic (and often mathematics) to seek answers. Operational science works in the here and now, giving us medicine, space telescopes, solar cells, and the device you're using to read this article. Historical science is forensic in nature, attempting to use what is observed in the present to determined what happened in the past (see "Origin of the Terms 'Operational' and 'Historical' Science" for more about the differences).

While science is intended to search for answers, biblical creation science and anything resembling intelligent design are rejected out of hand. The secular science industry presupposes naturalism, and this leads to faith in Scientism — which is a terrible basis for morality and ethics. Indeed, when evidence clearly indicates the genius of the Creator, it's Katie, bar the door for naturalists. Can't acknowledge God in the slightest, no siree!

In addition, anti-creationists and professing atheists invoke the false claim that there is a "war between science and religion". Many of them obtain their disinformation that confirms their biases from tinhorn misotheistic propaganda mills. That is willful ignorance, old son. Actually, science thrives in the proper environment, anbd many of the founders of modern science were biblical creationists!

Ever read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells? The traveler reaches the year 802,701 AD (the year may have been calculated with forerunners of Dominion software), and humanity has devolved into two types. The Eloi are childlike and live outdoors, but are mostly helpless. Vestiges of technology remain, but the Eloi do not use or even understand it. The other type of human descendants are the Morlocks. They live in the underground, coming out at night to steal and often feed on the Eloi. I reckon that atheists are like the Morlocks, hiding in darkness. (John 3:19-20, Isaiah 5:20 and others come to mind.) They take the benefits that modern science (that creationists were instrumental in developing), but then act savagely toward their benefactors. That's right, I said it! Atheists are Morlocks!

Scientists are presented as impartial, objective people without biases or foibles. No, they can be just as rotten as you and I because all are sinners (Rom. 3:23, 6:23). While many want to do science stuff, there are quite a few who want fame and fortune. Science has been hijacked by sidewinders riding for leftist brands.

During the 2020 Wuhan virus tragedies, people were telling President Trump and others to "follow the science". As I have said, scientists are not only biased, but their organizations follow leftist trends. One of these is making gender dysphoria into a matter of choice instead of dealing with biological realities.

When I was working for a data entry mill, we entered HCFA forms for insurance claims. Right up there in Box 3, just after the date of birth, there are two boxes for sex. Not three. Not fifty eight. Two. If science were an entity, it wouldn't care if a man feels like a woman that day. Your biological sex matters, all the way down to the chromosomes, because males and females have different responses to medications, illnesses, and even have conditions unique to their sex. Savvy?

"Follow the science"? Leftists, Christophobes, and even many scientists are not doing it themselves!

By choosing to promote reality, a family doctor lost his job and much more because of leftist demands. The interview attached to this article lays things on the line medically. I reckon it is well worth your time.

Digging deeper in the desire to see science triumph over mythology, the writer referenced above presupposes the truthfulness of his religion of atheism. This is not a scientific stance, or is it even rational. He assumes that the Bible is mythology and is ignoring all of the historical as well as scientific facts supporting it. In addition, folks like this reject the spiritual nature of humans, presupposing materialism as reality. Some of these jaspers also believe that life is a computer simulation.

Another question to be asked is if we really are simply the products of evolution, how can we who are meat machines trust scientists who are also meat machines? Creationists could be chemically predisposed to believe in God, atheists for atheism. From there, they would have no consistent ethical foundation for being truthful — neither side. To do what makes them happy and what they consider necessary to improve their survivability and happiness is most important.

Despite the arbitrary, fact-free assertions of mental and spiritual Morlocks, naturalism is not reality. We have a revelation from our Creator and Redeemer who tells us all about reality, and without God, science, math, and logic are impossible! Those embracing Atheism Spectrum Disorder react of of emotion and the bidding of their Father Down Below, but they cannot change the truth. In fact, they have no basis for morality. The desire of atheists for "science" to triumph over myth is that they want their naturalistic, evolutionary, everything-came-from-nothing mythology seated on the throne. This has nothing to do with a love of actual science.

For additional material, you may want to read "Examining the Religion of Evolutionism".

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Problems with Vertebrate Evolution Still Remain

Some people seem to think that a new calendar year somehow makes problems from the past year go away, but that is obviously not the case. Purveyors of universal common descent evolution still have to evosplain plausible stories for problems such as the origin of vertebrates.

When looking for fossil evidence of vertebrate evolution, Darwinists have many difficulties, including the timelines. So they are Making Things Up™.
Sea squirt image credit: USGS / Caroline Rogers

A few weeks back, we talked about the ongoing insurmountable problems of the Cambrian explosion. The brief description is that many complex life forms suddenly appeared in the Cambrian layer with no evidence of evolution — much to the consternation of Papa Darwin. Indeed, invertebrates are often elected to public office.

Evolutionists have attempted to find ancestors of vertebrates through various invertebrate critters such as the sea squirt. However, they still have serious problems with their timeline. The hemichordate is shoehorned in there, but it has no real relationship to fish or the sea squirt, and its phylogeny is debated.

Other "ancestors" are added to the fabulous confabution of confusion, but evolutionists have nothing. Then they present things run through the process of Making Things Up™ as "science". When the evidence is plugged into creation science Genesis Flood models, however, things that are observed make a great deal more sense.

One of the greatest problems for evolutionists is the sudden appearance of complex animal life with no evolutionary precursors, as seen in the Cambrian Explosion. But equally problematic is how complex creatures with backbones (vertebrates) could have possibly evolved. For all practical purposes, no transitional form has been found that links invertebrates like softbodied creatures and arthropods (creatures with a hard exoskeleton) to vertebrates. This glaring gap in the fossil record is just one more example highlighting the lack of evidence for molecules-to-man evolutionary theory.

Vertebrates include fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Living vertebrates exhibit a huge range in size, from a miniature frog found in Papua New Guinea that is only about a quarter of an inch long to the massive blue whale, which is over 100 feet long. Overall, vertebrates comprise only about 5% of all known animal species. The rest of animal life is known as invertebrates, which have no vertebral columns (backbones).

To read the rest of this repudiation of an evolutionary fable, see "The Fossils Still Say No: The Origin of Vertebrates".

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Amazingly Silly Evolution Research

The year 2020 has been dreadful for many people. Changing the calendar will not make the evils of the previous year magically go away, nor will the good things disappear. We will end the year with appallingly fatuous "research" conducted to glorify the Bearded Buddha.

While 2020 was dreadful for many people, it was a good year in fake science news made up to promote evolutionism. Many people think those are science.

If creationists get lost in the woods, all they need to do is say something refuting minerals-to-machinist evolution, and a misotheist will show up to argue. The creationist will probably be told, "You don't know anything about evolution!" Interestingly, we encounter that false accusation on teh interwebs quite often, and then the complainants will frequently demonstrate lack of knowledge of evolution themselves — indeed, they often exhibit ignorance of science itself.

We have an article to examine that has three examples of foolishness (and even some arrogance) that still manages to garner praise from secularists. One tinhorn is even attempting to rewrite Darwin's sacred tomes by saying we watch cute cat videos because of evolution. Never mind empirical research or even historical research, he'll get patted on the head and be told he's a good boy for affirming evolution. Another segment is about how beards affect sales and service "from an evolutionary perspective". The final part is about how drum rhythms related to cultural evolution.

Those jaspers who tell us that we don't understand evolution are also the kind of people who believe fake science news that proclaims evolution. Meanwhile, creationists are pushing on into 2021, trying to get people to get their think bones working. We also present material that glorifies God our Creator, refutes evolution, and affirms recent creation. We don't need absurd fake science to do it, either.

Let's take a gander at the cute (as in stupid) stories contained at "On the Evolution of Cuteness". The following video is included strictly for research purposes:

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Eating at the Table of Another

We all probably know someone who is a taker but not a giver. They rely on the efforts of others, but are actually harmful to others. There is a word for someone or something that takes from another, essentially eating from the table of another.

What do you call a person or a creature that takes the energy of another? We consider the once-perfect creation and the origin of parasitism.
Credit: Flickr / NIH-NIAID (CC BY 2.0)
You probably figured out that the subject under discussion is parasites. They come in many forms. Emotional vampires drain your essence (psychologically, not supernaturally); atheists claim to believe in science and reason, draw from foundational work of creationist scientists, then malign Christians and God; Democrats and socialists — but never mind about that now. Actually, we're here to discuss the much smaller kinds of parasites.

While it is common knowledge that malaria is a disease caused by mosquitoes, but those parasites often carry a single-celled parasite themselves — and that is the thing that causes the disease. Biblical creationists believe what the Bible says, that in the beginning, everything was very good. There was no death, predation, or disease at first. How did they get that way? Ask evolutionists where parasites came from, and they'll evosplain it with vague weasel words and affirmations that something evolved but it's a mystery.

We have seen many times that when scientists and medical doctors presuppose Darwinism, things get truly bizarre. Useful organs are removed because they are "vestigial" (useless leftovers from our alleged evolutionary history), taking a Darwin-only approach to dealing with the China COVID-19 problem, and other things we have discussed right here. We cannot expect materialists to believe the truth of the Bible, but they would be closer to solving problems like the Wuhan virus and malaria if they took a biblical worldview.
We have all been exposed to parasites at one time or another. Perhaps your dog or cat has come home with hookworms or roundworms—or even you’ve been told you were the unwilling host of lice or fleas! They’re everywhere. In fact, far more parasites inhabit our planet than nonparasites, and three out of every five people are host to at least one. What a miserable thought!

How is this possible? Such nasty things really bother those who think God’s creation is one big “bright and beautiful” banquet of bounty. Surely the Lord didn’t include such icky things in His original creation.

And yet they seem too sophisticated to have arisen by accident. Their existence has caused stomachs to turn and hands to wring for centuries, but it doesn’t have to be so.

You can finish reading by visiting "Parasites—Unwelcome Guests". Bonus: Just hours before this was scheduled to post, a new article was published that is helpful. Let's look.

In 1993, two evolutionists stated, “Parasites are still an enigma.” Not much has changed for the naturalist since then. “Hence, tempo and mode of host-parasite co-evolution at the macro-evolutionary scale remain a major challenge to understand.” Evolutionary biologists Eric Loker and Bruce Hofkin stated, “Macroevolutionary patterns among parasites are not yet very clear.” The origin of these fascinating creatures is still a puzzle for secular zoologists. 
What is the origin of parasites? Were Adam and Eve infected with them at creation?

You can read the rest of this short article at "Did God Make Harmful Parasites in the Beginning?

Also, you may want to see a recent post on a very similar subject, "Insect Parasites, Disease, and Creation". For related information, see this feedback article (the second on the page), look for the falcon picture. Better yet, use your browser's search function and type "Andrew".

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Webb Telescope and Extraterrestrial Life

If you study on it, the insistence of naturalists that life must exist elsewhere in the universe is irrational. They deny evidence for the Creator that is all around them (Rom. 1:18-23), but believe in their invisible friends when no evidence exists.

Secularists continue hoping to find evidence of their imaginary invisible friends. They pin hopes on the Webb telescope. Impressive work but no ETs.
Artist conception of the James Webb Space Telescope in action
Credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)

Over the years, people have tried to determine the possibility of extraterrestrial life out yonder. The moon? No sign of it, not even microbial life in the rocks brought back by astronauts. Venus? Conditions there make life out of the question, despite a hysterical claim that there might be a stinky indication. Mars? Secularists keep trying and coming up empty.

Looking further, exoplanets (extrasolar planets) were found. With better equipment, scientists have been able to determine the sizes and atmospheres of many. They even selected a "Goldilocks Zone" where if a planet orbited a star, the conditions would be just right for life. That's nice, but that habitable zone idea is rather complex.

Our sun behaves so well, you want to pat it on its belly, give it treats, and tell it what a good star it is. Yes it is! Yes it is! Other stars are almost as unstable as my ex-wife but more dangerous. They throw out bursts of radiation, massive flares, getting brighter and then dimmer — they would be killers.

Presuming that the universe evolved as well as life in it, people spend astronomical (heh!) amounts of money. Atheists and others deny that God made Earth special, and the Bible strongly indicates that there is no intelligent life elsewhere. This child believes the search is rooted in rebellion against God.

Don't be disunderstanding me on three things: I like a good science fiction story, am fascinated with interesting research, and realize that people have worked very hard on the Webb telescope, the Hubble, and other research projects. But that sure is a lot of tax money that could be spent on things that have tangible results. Still, Webb gets their spider-senses a-tingling.

High expectations come with the long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), 10 billion dollars and 25 years in the making. Set to launch from Earth on 31 October 2021, NASA has dubbed it as the successor to the famous Hubble space telescope.

Hubble launched in 1990 was the first major optical telescope to be put into space. Considered to be one of the greatest scientific projects, it has revolutionised modern astronomy and awed people worldwide with its incredible deep field images.

The JWST primary mission objective is to examine the first light in the Universe (Evolutionist speak for examining the galaxies which are furthest away.) But another aim is to study the properties of exoplanets, specifically to detect and analyse their atmospheres. It is hoped that this will further establish whether a known exoplanet could be habitable to potential alien life.

To read the rest of this extremely interesting article, blast off for "Will the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) find extra-terrestrial life?" In addition, the short video below is interesting despite the secular propaganda parts:

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Firing the Foxy Evolution Story

Regular readers should have noticed that creationists not only encourage people to use critical thinking, but to ask questions as well. Not just superficial questions, either. Add to that a bit of skill at spotting logical fallacies, and people are much less easily deceived by Darwinian just-so stories.

When Darwin's disciples make outlandish claims, thinking people should be asking hard questions. Try the claim linking foxes with human evolution.
Credit: US National Park Service / Jessica Weinberg McClosky
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)

A few years back, the hands at the Darwin Ranch (go past Stinking Lake toward Deception Pass) got all het up about "Hobbits" (H. florensis) diminutive humans that apparently suffered from microcephaly. In a recent bit of malarkey, it has been suggested that studying the island fox is a key to human evolution. Was the author's reasoning influenced by peyote buttons? Asking for a friend. They eat those things like taco chips at the Darwin Ranch, you know.

There is one redeeming feature in this otherwise non-rigorous Darwin story: a lesson about avoiding assumptions.

The fallacy starts right in the headline. A press release from the University of Missouri, affectionately known as Mizzou, begins, “A new evolutionary clue: University of Missouri researcher adds to timeline of human evolution by studying an island fox.”

She’s serious. She thinks she found a “new evolutionary clue” about humans by studying a completely different mammal on the other side of the world. This only could make sense to a Darwin-indoctrinated grad student like Colleen B. Young working in a Darwin echo chamber in academia. She launches into her illogical story by thinking about how Homo floresiensis, the “Hobbit” from an Indonesian cave that confused the academic world in 2003, became so small. And so she went to California. California? Sure; why not? The whole world is Darwin’s playground. Some people are foxy, aren’t they?

To read the rest, fire up your Firefox and jump over to "Evolutionary Clues and Evolutionist Cluelessness".

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