Amazingly Silly Evolution Research

The year 2020 has been dreadful for many people. Changing the calendar will not make the evils of the previous year magically go away, nor will the good things disappear. We will end the year with appallingly fatuous "research" conducted to glorify the Bearded Buddha.

While 2020 was dreadful for many people, it was a good year in fake science news made up to promote evolutionism. Many people think those are science.

If creationists get lost in the woods, all they need to do is say something refuting minerals-to-machinist evolution, and a misotheist will show up to argue. The creationist will probably be told, "You don't know anything about evolution!" Interestingly, we encounter that false accusation on teh interwebs quite often, and then the complainants will frequently demonstrate lack of knowledge of evolution themselves — indeed, they often exhibit ignorance of science itself.

We have an article to examine that has three examples of foolishness (and even some arrogance) that still manages to garner praise from secularists. One tinhorn is even attempting to rewrite Darwin's sacred tomes by saying we watch cute cat videos because of evolution. Never mind empirical research or even historical research, he'll get patted on the head and be told he's a good boy for affirming evolution. Another segment is about how beards affect sales and service "from an evolutionary perspective". The final part is about how drum rhythms related to cultural evolution.

Those jaspers who tell us that we don't understand evolution are also the kind of people who believe fake science news that proclaims evolution. Meanwhile, creationists are pushing on into 2021, trying to get people to get their think bones working. We also present material that glorifies God our Creator, refutes evolution, and affirms recent creation. We don't need absurd fake science to do it, either.

Let's take a gander at the cute (as in stupid) stories contained at "On the Evolution of Cuteness". The following video is included strictly for research purposes: