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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Audio Saturday: Question Evolution Day

Edited 2-28-2016, removed non-functioning audio link and references to it.

When the interview on "Bob Enyart Live" was being set up, I wrote in my notes that I am a nobody. If he had wanted to pursue this, I would have liked to tell him:
  • I'm just a regular guy, not an organization (but we do have several Admins on the Facebook Page), and do not make money on any of this, so I have a full-time job
  • Nobody is paying for things for me to use
  • Videos are made with Windows Video Maker, I don't own high-end software or have a studio of any kind
  • Audio is recorded and mixed on Audacity Open Source software
  • Graphics are done through Paint.Net free software
  • The microphone/headset was purchased at the Big Huge Corporate Retail Store down the road
  • It's the same place I bought my eMachine computer a few years ago (which has been a reliable workhorse)
  • All I am, and all I have, are gifts of God
This whole "Question Evolution Day" is a grassroots movement inspired by CMI's "Question Evolution!" campaign. There are some big organizations spreading the truth about creation science and exposing the fallacies of evolutionism, but they need regular people like you and me to get moving and help share the truth. Many regular people, united, can have a big voice — we can help people realize that evolution is fundamentally flawed.

Wouldn't it be great if they had me back on to discuss the logical fallacies of Darwin's Cheerleaders? Some think that posting ridicule and contradiction on a forum is a logical refutation. Ridiculous.

Bob Enyart interviewed me and we had an interesting discussion about "Question Evolution Day". You can go to this link to listen or download the audio (see the picture below for the locations of the links). The second part is below this.