Legislate and Demonize

No science today, just some observations and a short rant.

I am on record for saying that some favorite tactics of evolutionists and atheopaths are:
  • Misrepresent. Try to make creationists and ID proponents defend positions that they do not hold. In addition, spread untruths to people about our science and beliefs.
  • Demonize. Since Darwin's Stormtroopers cannot defeat creation science in the realm of science and ideas, they settle for vituperative attacks on us. This does not impress anyone but their gullible supporters.
  • Legislate. Since we have misinformed, biased judges in positions of power, they make rulings that would be laughable if they were not tragic [1], [2], [3]. One aspect of leftist thought police in action is when a student's personal journal had a poem about how she "understood" the Connecticut killer. A snoop found it, and she was suspended from school [4]. I heard some of the poem being read, and thought it was leftist nonsense, but I believe her civil and Constitutional rights to free speech and privacy were flagrantly violated.
Despite the attempts to negate us or even remove our rights to free speech, we're still here. I'm still dangerous with my unregistered assault keyboard, and I am going to continue to use it until they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.