Biomimetics and Praise to Evolution

Amazing. Scientists study nature and attempt to replicate things in it for human technology. One name for this is "biomimetics". The obvious designs in nature are only distantly replicated, as the original Designer was far above human intelligence. And yet, evolutionists show their religious devotion to evolutionism by attributing a kind of wisdom and intelligence to it. This is ridiculous, even on the surface.
The researchers employed a genetic algorithm, a search process that mimics the process of natural evolution, explained Wei Chen, Wilson-Cook Professor in Engineering Design and professor of mechanical engineering at McCormick and co-investigator of the research.
Due to the highly nonlinear and irregular behavior of the system, you must use an intelligent approach to find the optimal solution,” Chen said. “Our approach is based on the biologically evolutionary process of survival of the fittest.”
Only the most convoluted logic could link an “intelligent approach” of “engineering design” to “survival of the fittest” in the “biologically evolutionary” sense.  Clearly this was an experiment in artificial selection: having a design goal, using an algorithm, and pinpointing a desired result.
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