Young Earth Evidence 9: Not Enough Salt

One of the oldest and most mocked evidences for a young Earth is lack of sea salt. ("Mocked" because actual scientific refutation has not been done, and only mockery is left.) Yet again, using their own uniformitarian assumptions against old Earth proponents, there simply is not enough salt in the sea. Excuses that evolutionary scientists present are painfully weak.
If the world’s oceans have been around for three billion years as evolutionists believe, they should be filled with vastly more salt than the oceans contain today.

Every year rivers, glaciers, underground seepage, and atmospheric and volcanic dust dump large amounts of salts into the oceans (Figure 1). Consider the influx of the predominant salt, sodium chloride (common table salt). Some 458 million tons of sodium mixes into ocean water each year, but only 122 million tons (27%) is removed by other natural processes.
You can read the rest of this layman's-level article at "Very Little Salt in the Sea". A more detailed explanation from  the Second International Conference on Creationism, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 30–August 4, 1990 is available in a PDF download at "The Sea's Missing Salt: A Dilemma for Evolutionists".