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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kuiper: Have Another Belt of Fantasy

I was having a discussion the other day about the age of the earth, the age of the solar system &c. We were amazed at how evidences for a young earth and young solar system are ignored and ridiculed by evolutionists and religious compromisers. And we had a good laugh at the Tooth Fairy mentality of resorting to the imaginary Oort Cloud as an "explanation" for the problem that comets would have been exhausted long ago in an old universe. Then we looked up the Kuiper Belt...
Evolutionary astronomers, who assume the solar system is billions of years old, must propose a ‘source’ that will supply new comets as old ones are destroyed. The Kuiper Belt is one such proposed source for short-period comets (comets that take less than 200 years to orbit the sun). The Kuiper belt is a hypothetical massive flattened disc of billions of icy planetesimals supposedly left over from the formation of the solar system...
These planetesimals are assumed to exist in (roughly) circular orbits in the outer regions of the solar system—beyond Neptune (extending from 30 AU out to around 100 AU). It is thought that these objects are occasionally disturbed by gravitational interactions and are sent hurtling into the inner solar system to become short-period comets. In this fashion, new comets supposedly are injected into the inner solar system as old ones are depleted.
You can click here to read "Kuiper Belt Objects: Solution to Short-Period Comets?" in its entirety, Evelyn.

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