Some Clarifications

First clarification: Writing the word "creationist". Since the majority of creationist writings that I read do not capitalize the word, I am going to stop writing it as "Creationist".

Although I am a Christian and Biblical creationist (See? Fixed it), my goal with this site is to present as much science as I can and hold back on the theology. The reason for this is simple: Creationism makes valid scientific points as well as theological points. (I prefer to deal with the theological aspects now and then at my Weblog for and about Christians, "A Soldier for Jesus". If you are looking for me to give you  hardcore science disputing evolution and supporting creationism, don't go there, Girlfriend. This is the one you want.) Once in a while I will deviate so things do not get too stuffy.

Although many evolutionists seem to think that the Christian or creationist explanation for life, the universe and everything is a simple "Goddidit", that is a Straw Man argument. Creationist scientists examine things just like secular scientists. The question of origins has nothing to do with the practical applications and examination of science; someone's belief of origins has no relevance toward how well he designs a space probe. I can point out things until I'm blue in the nose, and people will still insist on using Straw Man, ad hominem, Poisoning the Well, Genetic and other fallacies in lieu of actual thought.

Many of my sources are Biblical creationists, and they do bring the Bible into the discussion. They will say that something appears to support such and so Bible passage, or encourage Christians to continue to believe God's Word. I can't help that, nor will I reject a science-oriented article because it dares to mention the Bible. That is because the articles are not attempting to use the Bible as the primary science textbook. I have rejected several articles for this Weblog because I thought they were written more for Christian purposes than scientific. Sometimes, I will make a bad choice. Other times, readers will accuse me of doing the opposite of what I am stating here. That will be a subjective matter, and it cannot be helped as far as I can see.

One other thing. There will be links here to sites that have creationist material. Since many of those are Biblical creationists as well, the sites will range from primarily Biblical items to mainly scientific material, with some blending of both. And, unfortunately, some of those people will have posted outdated or erroneous materials, despite the "do not use" warnings of other creationists. But if I feel there is good material at the site, I will still include it in the links list, which will have a disclaimer similar to this one. As with anything else on the Web, people will have to use their own discretion.

I have no qualms about saying that I am hoping to not only equip Christians to stand up for their beliefs (some homeschoolers come here for information, I understand), but I am also presenting material to show evolutionists that they are mischaracterizing Christians, creationists, and creation scientists. I can always have some hope that evolutionists will honestly examine the evidence.

There is already a great deal of information to pursue here.