Wrecking the "God of the Gaps" Nonsense

A common claim of atheists and evolutionists is that Christians use a policeman's exit (cop-out) by referring to God as the Creator, and as an explanation for the unknown. What they fail to realize (and, I suspect, they do this willfully) is that when Christians, creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design refer to the Creator, they are doing so because that is where the evidence leads. This is not a first resort, it is a logical conclusion based on the evidence.

Dr. James White of
Alpha and Omega Ministries has a radio program and podcast called "The Dividing Line". He occasionally takes various calls, and is willing to discuss matters with Christians, atheists and others. I caught the podcast of July 14 (the entire podcast is here), and heard him discussing the "God of the Gaps". Dr. White shows just how absurd the accusation really is. The relevant excerpt is here:

In addition, I'll steer you to something I posted at "Stormbringer's Thunder". Greg Koukl of "Stand to Reason" had a fascinating discussion of "Science of the Gaps". That is, the appeal to science philosophy where "someday science will find the answers". The post about "Science of the Gaps" is here.