In Defense of Science

Science is one of my favorite subjects. I really looked forward to it in school. Technology is something I like as well. It's really great finding out about the intricacies of how things are made, how they function and so on.

I am baffled by some things. One is that evolution is considered "science", as if it is foundational for an astrophysicist, physician, molecular biologist or whatever to be thoroughly indoctrinated in evolutionary "facts" to be able to perform their various disciplines. I thought those were all sciences in and of themselves.

Another item I find baffling is that the "science" of evolution must be protected. I thought that an essential component in science is the quest for knowledge. To attain knowledge, facts and observations must be compared and analyzed. This cannot be done if facts and evidence contrary to evolutionism are ignored, rejected out of hand and even suppressed. Brits are guarding evolutionary indoctrination with such passion that they are attempting to outlaw the teaching of creation and Intelligent Design. These arrogant people are attempting to impose their views in the United States, and helped draft a petition for the White House to do the same thing. Are they still trying to hide their deep, dark secrets? Addendum: Creation evidences are banned from UK religious education classes.

This is not in the spirit of true scientific inquiry. Rather, it is brainwashing.

Evolutionists have many assumptions and bold assertions about the importance of evolution that are motivating to the gullible and to those saturated with presuppositions. To the rest of us, such propaganda is rather startling. And we still wonder why they feel the need to protect evolutionism so vehemently.