Misrepresentation of Creation by Evolutionists

Answers in Genesis
It happens all the time: Evolutionists hit creationists with complete nonsense about what we believe. I think it is for two reasons: They do not bother to check their facts and actually get information about creationists from the creationists themselves, and also because they are being misled by bad propaganda. Here is a hint to evolutionists: If you want to discuss creationism, do not tell us what we believe. You can ask, and you can learn our side of the story from us, not from evolutionary disinformation tanks that are more interested in appealing to emotion than in the true scientific attitude of learning the truth.

Appealing to public emotions is a tool employed by politicians, media, and anyone trying to win supporters for a specific agenda. Naturally, such efforts can skew or omit facts, as is often the case in mainstream presentations of the ongoing battle between evolution and creation science. A recent Discovery News feature provides a telling example of this particular ploy.
Published online July 11, the feature is titled "Evolution Controversies: A History in Photos" and includes photographs from the Scopes "Monkey" trial of 1925, a cartoon of British naturalist Charles Darwin with the body of an ape, and a photograph of an exhibit in the Institute for Creation Research's former Museum of Creation and Earth History in Santee, California. Of the ten photographs, two portray what the author says are claims used by creationists as "scientific proof of young Earth creationism": the dinosaur footprints in Glen Rose, Texas, and a petroglyph in Utah that resembles a dinosaur.