Giants in the Earth

According to Biblical accounts and other historical sources, there were HoUS (Humans of Unusual Size). They were referred to as giants in these ancient writings. Have a care not to conflate the concept of fifty foot tall (15.24 meter) "giants" from fairy tales with the giants of antiquity. The giants of ancient writings were big, but let's not get ridiculous.
Not quite...
But why the antipathy? Some people would rather believe that giants of the past were space aliens rather than humans! After all, there were all sorts of large creatures in prehistoric times. There are hoaxes galore, but apparently no known fossils of giant humans. Then I read this from Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research:
Evolution maintains that humans evolved from smaller, ape-like ancestors. But according to the Bible, humans were created in the image of God, and men since then have descended from Adam. The Bible also teaches that giants existed, further contrasting with the standard evolutionary stereotype of human history.
There it is! Humans of Unusual Size would help affirm the Biblical accounts and go against evolutionary preconceptions. Chris Lesley has compiled a great deal of information about larger animals and humans (as well as their technology) at the Greater Ancestors World Museum. Also, a mummy in Peru appears to have been a young child. If it had been able to fully develop, it would have been a giant.
Some say that giant humans are too incredible to have been real and that the Bible's references to them are fiction.

However, many extra-biblical records corroborate the existence of giants, including sober accounts from early explorers like Magellan and ancient texts like the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, the Hebrew Book of Enoch, and the Book of Giants.

Now, a mummy skeleton found in Peru looks like a giant toddler. If that is indeed what it is, then it adds more weight to the idea that giants were real.
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