Planet Mercury Confirms More Creationist Predictions

Artist's conception of "Messenger" approaching Mercury — NASA
Screen shot of typical atheistic "logic" in action:
Red herring, abusive ad hominem and outright lie (disproved in this article, among others).
Dr. D. Russell Humphreys made successful predictions about Mercury as well as Uranus and Neptune. It turns out that he was recently proved right with another prediction about Mercury. His starting point? The Bible.
NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is continuing to produce surprising new evidence that Mercury’s magnetic field is as young as the Bible says. Since March 2011 the spacecraft has been in a near-polar orbit around Mercury. By now it has orbited the planet nearly a thousand times, repeatedly passing over the entire surface. Swooping low over the northern volcanic plains, the spacecraft discovered that the planet’s outer crust in that region is strongly magnetized. The strongest magnetization coincides with a broad topographic rise near the center of those plains. That leads the analyzing team to believe that the magnetization comes from basalt solidified from lava flowing up out of the deeper crust throughout the plain.
The crust magnetization is nearly vertical, just as is the planet’s overall magnetic field in those high latitudes. But MESSENGER found that the magnetization is opposite to the direction of today’s field, indicating that Mercury has reversed the direction of its field at least once in the past. The team of analysts says this
“ … implies that the magnetization is a remanent [remaining, permanent] magnetization acquired [in the past] when Mercury’s magnetic field was of the opposite polarity, and possibly stronger, than the present field.”
In contrast, the above result vindicates one of two scientific predictions about Mercury’s magnetic field made by a biblically-based creationist theory.
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