Rationalization, Fantasy and Moving the Evolutionary Goalposts

Time and again, we see that evolutionists make pronouncements from their speculations, and then the resulting "facts" get overturned. This is seldom rapid, but any reader of evolutionary propaganda who is not wearing his Darwin Spectacles will see the old shell game at work. These scientists are so locked into their materialistic framework that they are unable to see that the logical conclusion is that life was created, and evolution is unsubstantiated.

Evolutionists make pronouncements from their speculations, and then the resulting "facts" get overturned. Yet they still cling to their beliefs.
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When a bone or artifact is determined to be such-and-so million years old according to evolutionists' preconceptions, anomalies are found to force them to re-date the items or offer other excuses. For instance, human tools should not be found in the same location of apelike alleged ancestors of humans. Here, you can check it out.
Recent stories on human evolution continue to illustrate ongoing problems that overturn long-held beliefs. 
To hybridize or not to hybridize:  Some paleoanthropologists are now challenging the recently-announced claim that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals, but the proponents of hybridization are standing their ground; see original paper in PNAS (August 14, 2012, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1200567109) and news summaries on Live Science (with artwork of intelligent-looking Neanderthal), PhysOrg (with artwork of dumb-looking Neanderthal), and the BBC News (with artwork of painted Neanderthal).  The debate does not appear settled.  A two-minute video clip in the BBC article contains fascinating facts about the human genome, except for a mistaken reference to “junk DNA.” 
Older culture:  Evidence for culture 44,000 years old was announced by the BBC News – a problem since that date is nearly twice the previous date for earliest human culture.  Of special note in the article is this statement:
You can read the statement and the rest of "Human Evolution Puzzles and Problems", here.