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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Audio Saturday: Logic, Atheism, Evolution, Worldviews and More

This edition will probably appeal to Christian apologists most of all.

Sunday, October 14, 2012 was an interesting day for me. I was invited ("invited" as in, "hounded the guys until they gave in") to be on the "Evidence 4 Faith" radio show/podcast. Host Keith Kendrix was away, and Kirk Hastings was filling in. It was my first live guest spot on a radio show, not including call-in shows. (Before that, I was involved in a three-part  podcast for Theopologetics, but that was recorded and not a live broadcast.) I was hesitant a few times, not wanting to steamroll over Kirk — it's not my show. And I had a dry throat problem on occasion.

By the way, they've read my letters a couple of times on the air. One of my haters wrote to them in response and told them what a bad man I am. I bet he loves this development.

Enough of the personal stuff. We discussed several things, including logic, atheism (which is fundamentally flawed), evolution (but we did not do much with the science aspect, they are doing that with other guests, and have done it in the past), wordviews, presuppositions, biases, the way that Christians should present the gospel, and more. If they ever want to have me back on the show, there are some things I would like to develop further.

To listen, you can go to their Website, linked above, or download the MP3 here.

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