Bullying, Intolerance and Politics in "Science"

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In some ways, the spirit of scientific inquiry has little or no resemblance to the real goal of "a system of acquiring knowledge" [1]. Since people look to science for answers and turn science into the false religion of scientism, where "science" is a kind of entity and the final arbiter of truth [2].

Science is used as a political tool — the scientists themselves are often used to further political agendas. For example, Adolph Hitler attacked Albert Einstein and "Jewish physics" in 1931 by enlisting one hundred scientists to denounce him. (Einstein made a simple but strong point: "If I were wrong, then one would have been enough".) [3] More recently, global warming has been a political tool for the leftists' green agenda, even with the dishonest claim that it is "settled science" [4 no longer available]. Heidi Cullen embarked on a coercive campaign "advocating that broadcast meteorologists be stripped of their scientific certification if they express skepticism about predictions of manmade catastrophic global warming"[5] despite the fact that there are many scientists who oppose global warming [6, 7].

Even so, adherents of man-made catastrophic global warming are on a campaign to bully people into accepting this politically-driven "science". In addition to bullying and ridicule, proponents utilize the logical fallacies of appeal to authority, ridicule, and appeal to majority [8]. This is not only contrary to the spirit of scientific inquiry, but intolerance of the views of others, plain and simple.

Similarly, many proponents of evolutionism are bullies and bigots, especially self-appointed Internet thought police. (I must admit that I have a serious problem with bullies. I will often expose them for what they are, and stand up to them.) They range from Oxford to Weighton Road to Japan to California — everywhere. Although evolutionists claim to be good, moral people who oppose injustice, evolution does not have any basis for consistent morality ("survival of the fittest", "we are all just modified pond scum", and so forth) [9]. So it is not surprising that there is hypocrisy in their ranks. Darwinism deniers are not allowed to have our own views, and must be re-educated. When disbelievers in evolution interpret evidence that conflicts with evolutionary worldviews, they are often called "liars" [10]. This also stems from circular reasoning based on their "evolution is true" presuppositions.

Two examples are noteworthy. First, "If you allowed comments under your blog posts there would not be a need or wish to email you about some of them." [11 unavailable] He has been told in no uncertain terms that I do not wish contact with him, but he persists. Second, "If he stops complaining about me in his blog posts (where comments aren't allowed) and on Facebook (I don't post on Facebook other than clicking on any comments I 'like') I will stop reporting those complaints here [at Amazon]!" [12 (unavailable, Amazon discontinued commenting on reviews] So, I am being blackmailed by a petulant child.

Unfortunately, the above foolishness is not atypical. Darwin's Cheerleaders feel the need to protect "science" (that is, the philosophy of evolution that is conflated with observational science) from "religious" people. When I pressed this guy for an answer as to why he cared what I believed, I received this response:
Not only the Thought Police, but a preemptive strike on what I may do. This is fallacious on so many levels, and people like that are potentially dangerous. He is worried about what I may do based on his straw man view of "religion", but I am concerned about what he has stated outright.

Village evolutionists are intolerant of the views of others [14], and resort to bullying and ridicule [15 unavailable] in addition to fallacies like "evolution is the consensus, believe it" [16]. Adherents of both pseudosciences of evolutionism and catastrophic man-made global warming are bullies and intolerant of the views of others [17], which seriously hinders scientific inquiry.