Horseshoe Bend Unlucky for Old Earthers

Uniformitarians do not seem to grasp reality. Their worldview causes them to interpret data in convoluted ways, and when the evidence does not support their presuppositions, they come up with even more implausible explanations. 
Uniformitarian geologists are often presented with observed evidence that refutes their positions and supports the Genesis Flood. Their "explanations" are weak at best.
Of course, this includes dismissing better explanations out of hand. Unfortunately for them, more and more evidence supports the Noachian Flood model.
Earlier this year [2012], a well-known geologist stood with a group of people at the rim of Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona, (figure 1) and declared that Noah’s Flood could not have formed this feature. During an energetic event such as Noah’s Flood, he said, the water would flow in a large gush in one direction. According to this professor of geology at a university in California, the winding course of the Colorado River indicates that the river had low energy and would have been flowing just above sea level at that time. 
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