Audio Extra — Atheism, Evolution and Science

It has been well-established here and elsewhere that evolution is a foundation for atheism. Since atheists and humanists (humanism is the more blatant form of religious atheism) cannot account for the origins and development of life without God, they rely on naturalistic presuppositions. When the science fails, they make stuff up to keep the faith.

Creationist ministries and organizations (as well as the Intelligent Design movement) are growing. (And why not? The science is on our side!) Some Christians are putting some serious effort into learning about science, philosophy, logic, theology and so on to be able to present the truth.

Atheists hate that.

The days of the "live and let live" atheists seem to be gone. At least, those atheists do not spend time on the Interweb, and the so-called "New Atheists" are the ones that we encounter. There has been an increase in vituperative attacks, defamation, libel and more. They show their intolerance of Christianity with totalitarian attitudes. But atheopaths have not learned to use logic and reason (which they claim to embrace), relying instead on bad thinking, emotionalism and manipulation.

Here are three recordings, the first two are about twelve minutes each. First, a segment of a CARM broadcast from "Matt Slick Live" (entire April 30, 2013 broadcast here), where "Tom from Georgia" as asking about the increasing anger and irrationality of atheists.

A few days after I heard that podcast, I called Matt myself and wanted to compare notes and share some of my experiences on the subject. Entire May 10, 2013 broadcast here.

On Thursday, May 23, I contacted Mike Shoesmith of PPSIMMONS to follow up on a comment that he had made back in February about having me on PPSIMMONS Radio. His response was enthusiastic, "Maybe this weekend". Great! On Saturday at 18:15, his e-mail arrived, asking if I could do it that day. I was a bit startled and my mind was elsewhere, working on a post for the following week. But sure, why not? 

We were connected on Skype just after 18:30. Hey, no time for me to panic and over-prepare like I've done in the past, so that's good. The show is 43 minutes, but our call was twice that, since we hit it off and talked before and after the recording. It sounds more like a conversation than a formal interview. I did stammer a bit, trying to regain my derailed train of thought (it happens to me sometimes). Once I distracted myself by looking for a file while I was talking, and won't do that again.

Anyway, here's the link to the recording. Not my most concise presentation, but we covered some valuable material, including science, logic, definitions, theistic evolution, biblical authority and more. Hope you like it.

John Anster Fitzgerald's work modified into "The Fairyland of Darwinism"