Evolution Gets Undue Credit for Changes

It's interesting how some evolutionists will claim that creationists "do not understand science". Well, when they act like "science" means, "Whatever excuses we can find to attribute to evolution", then we probably do not understand it. We prefer the proper definitions, and not the self-serving circular reasoning definitions that Darwin's Cheerleaders keep dreaming up at their convenience.

We frequently read some of these things as if evolution was some kind of intelligent entity or pantheistic religious view. To make matters worse, evolutionists will resort to a bait-and-switch on the meaning of the word "evolution". When change is observed, it will be erroneously called "evolution", but there was no evolution of any kind, under any legitimate definition. The sneaky part is where the word is equated with molecules-to-man evolution — and that is disingenuous at best.

Cockroaches avoiding glucose bait traps? Call it evolution. Flowers that close at night? They're more highly evolved. Turtle embryonic development? Give credit to evolution. But that is not science. It is, however, incompetent and perhaps even dishonest. And their stories are self-contradictory.
Evolution is one of the most carelessly-used words in science, as several recent articles show.  Not all change is evolution the way Darwin meant it.
Roaches check in, and they also check out:  Those omnivorous pests have outsmarted engineers again.  Even though they like sugar in the wild, they have learned to avoid sugary-tasting poison in roach traps.  Sure enough, you can watch the smarter bugs in a video clip on Live Science.  Stephanie Pappas headlined the story, “Yikes!  Cockroaches Evolved to Avoid Sugary Baits.”  The authors of the paper in Science claimed that the German cockroaches “rapidly evolved an adaptive behavioral aversion to glucose.”  They spoke of glucose aversion as a “gain of function adaptation” that “emerged” in their study population.
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