More On Evolutionists Not Understanding Evolution

Last week, I posted about some evolutionists being honest enough to admit that they do not really understand evolution. Today, you can read an article demonstrating that many scientists as well as Darwin's Cheerleaders do not understand their own belief system.
Science would be useless without logic and critical thinking. Circular reasoning, straw man fallacies, formal logical fallacies and outright deception are used to keep the faithful fundamentalist evolutionists in line and fool people who do not put forth the effort to check things for themselves. Giving credit to evolution as if it were an actual entity (Fallacy of Reification) is contrary to evolutionary dogma — but people do it anyway. This happens frequently. The following article has several examples that can cause people to wonder about how poorly scientists and their press actually understand evolution. But then again, if the public was told evolutionary dogma in a straightforward manner, people would plainly see that it has no substance.
If evolutionists and reporters stuck to the essence of neo-Darwinism, many of their claims would never reach the press. 
Darwin attempted to describe a natural mechanism (natural selection) that would generate the entire tree of life, with all its diversity.  Neo-Darwinism identifies the source of variation as mutations.  The essence of Darwinian theory is that the process is unguided, with no goals or purposes.  Many evolutionists and their press agents seem to forget this.
You can read the examples of false attribution and other flaws at "Evolutionists Don't Understand Their Own Theory".