Altitude, Tibetans and Genetic Variations

People who are not used to spending time far above sea level often get altitude sickness because the the air is thinner and their bodies have to work harder to get enough oxygen. Invaders of and travelers to Tibet need to use extreme care at the "Roof of the World". Not only is altitude sickness unpleasant, in such extremes, it can be fatal. So how about them Tibetans, huh? Tibetans did not simply get used to the altitude, they thrive in it.

Tibet Neanderthals Denisovans
Freeimages / Niko Nami
We've learned that the Neanderthals and Denisovans got around, as traces of there genes are in many places. It turns out that the Tibetan people have a genetic variation that is only found in one other people group, the Denisovans. Of course, scientists saw evolution where it does not exist. When the evidence is examined without evolutionary presuppositions and biases, it actually points to something that secularists do not want to hear: The dispersion of humanity from the Tower of Babel.

Extreme Elevation

Despite living all their lives in the low oxygen tension of the Tibetan plateau at an altitude above 13,000 feet, Tibet natives do not develop extremely elevated hemoglobin levels with associated increased blood viscosity like immigrants and long-term visitors do. Therefore, they have a lower incidence of related cardiac complications than people who move to their extreme elevation, and they also have fewer pregnancy complications and deliver healthier babies than women who have moved to the region.
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The Height of Variation

The researchers concluded that natural selection must have selected strongly for Tibetans carrying this genetic variant, easily explained considering non-natives living on the plateau are at increased risk for difficulties with childbearing. The question was: where did Tibet’s native populace acquire this genetic variant of EPAS1? After looking for matching genetic patterns in databases worldwide, the team found the Tibetan version of EPAS1 in only two Han Chinese people in the database and in Denisovan DNA.
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