Grave News About Pterosaurs

A graveyard of pterosaur bones is expected to yield a great deal of information. However, secular paleontologists are insisting that they were not buried by a catastrophic Flood, despite what the evidence indicates.
Even when the evidence is against them, Darwin's Drones continue to preach their worldview. Nobody in evolution can explain the pterosaurs. They were reptiles capable of powered flight (as opposed to simply gliding), and some were enormous. Perhaps it is a good thing that they are mostly (if not completely) extinct today.

A large number of pterosaur bones were spread out in a massive burial area. This is exciting for paleontologists, who believe they can learn details about the creatures. However, they waved aside the possibility of a catastrophic burial, and said that they were buried individually. This is despite the obvious flood markings of the strata, and the fact that the pterosaurs were well-preserved.

No explanation is offered to how they evolved, even though a potential wealth of information is becoming available. The best thing to do is to drop the failed evolutionary paradigm and examine the biblical creationist Flood models, which give a far better explanation of what is observed.
Despite 200 years of study, evolutionists know almost nothing about how pterosaurs evolved. A fossil graveyard in China adds to the mystery.

Picture thousands of pterosaur bones mixed together in sandstone, mudstone and breccia. That’s what has been reported in Current Biology this month: disarticulated skeletons from individuals of all ages, and even pieces of eggs. While promising to shed new light on pterosaur ecology and life history, the fossil deposit is not helping explain where these advanced creatures capable of powered flight came from – a mystery since the first flying reptiles were discovered in 17xx.
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