Dinosaur Feathers Part 1 — Ineffable Twaddle

The Question Evolution Project, sometimes people use artists' conceptions as proof of evolution. The chill out lemur was fooled.

Bringing you exciting news using my unregistered assault keyboard from a hidden location. Fundamentalist evolutionists are going to go haywire again when their dogmas and presuppositions are exposed.
"What ineffable twaddle!" I cried, slapping the magazine down on the table, "I never read such rubbish in my life."
"What is it?" asked Sherlock Holmes.
"Why, this article," I said, pointing at it with my egg spoon as I sat down to my breakfast. "I see that you have read it since you have marked it. I don't deny that it is smartly written. It irritates me though. It is evidently the theory of some arm-chair lounger who evolves all these neat little paradoxes in the seclusion of his own study. It is not practical. I should like to see him clapped down in a third class carriage on the Underground, and asked to give the trades of all his fellow-travelers. I would lay a thousand to one against him."
"You would lose your money," Sherlock Holmes remarked calmly. "As for the article I wrote it myself."

— from "A Study in Scarlet" by A. Conan Doyle
Are you familiar with the mostly-vanished phrases "horse feathers" or "hogwash" as expressions that something is nonsense? Not as colorful as Dr. Watson's expression just above, but saying "dinosaur feathers" may be a fun alternative.

They seem to love trying to say that dinosaurs evolved into birds, even though the evidence is against them: dinosaurs ate birds, and modern birds are found in the same rock strata as dinosaurs. Also, not all evolutionary scientists are united in the dinos-to-birds concept. The sultans of spin are so locked into their paradigms that they simply go around the evidence because they "know" what they believe is true. They are constantly seeing things that are not there, such as feathers on dinosaurs, or believing prehistoric birds (which have feathers and all the mechanisms of real birds) to be dinosaurs. The ever-loyal press love to publicize anything sensational.

Here are two articles about the wishful thinking of evolutionists to make something into what it isn't.
We’ve reported “imaginary feathers” on dinosaurs over the years, but this new fossil bird could fly.

Scientists and reporters have lost any hesitancy to call fossil birds “dinosaurs.” This is evident in a BBC News article by James Morgan, “Four-winged dinosaur is ‘biggest ever’,” and the Nature Communications paper on which it is based, “A new raptorial dinosaur with exceptionally long feathering provides insights into dromaeosaurid flight performance.”
You can finish reading the first article by clicking on "Real Feathers Found on Imaginary Dinosaur". Then come back for the next one.

Glad you to have you back! There is some overlap between the two articles, but both cover different aspects of the subject. This one is a bit longer and more detailed:
Biological aerodynamic engineering was in high gear long before modern birds evolved, evolutionists believe, based on analysis of some really long tail plumage. A fossilized, high-performance, feathered microraptorine called Changyuraptor yangi is making headlines as the longest-feathered “feathered dinosaur” on record. It had “four wings” (sort of) and a long tail featuring a sleek, aerodynamic design and quill-like feathers about a foot long. Counting the tail, Changyuraptor was about four feet long and weighed around nine pounds.

Paleontologist Luis Chiappe of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, lead author of a recent report in Nature Communications, told the Washington Post, “I’ve never seen anything like it. It is a stunning specimen and it was stunning to see the size of the feathers. This is the dinosaur with the longest known feathers—by far. There is nothing like this by a very good distance. The feathers were one-fourth the size of the animal. It’s just wonderful.”
You can finish reading by clicking on "“Feathered Dinosaur” Featured Long Tail Plumage, Evolutionists Say". I wish I could get paid government grant money for indulging in my imagination. Don't you? At any rate, the evidence is clear that birds and dinosaurs were created separately, and one did not evolve into the other. These scientists are driven by ideology, not a search for real knowledge. If you want to keep going, click on "Dinosaur Feathers Part 2 — What a Stupid Concept".