Approval of Seals

Pinnipeds (walruses, sea lions, seals) have many features that testify to the intelligence of their Creator. Their swimming ability is amazing, and some can dive to depths that should kill them if they were not built for it. The insulation of those that live in cold climates (which is the majority) is also impressive. Naturally, Darwin's Drones insist that they are a product of evolution, but they cannot give any account for it or a believable mechanism. The best explanation is that they were created.
Around the world, seals and sea lions represent different things to different people.

One superstition says that it’s bad luck to kill a seal because they embody the souls of dead sailors. To marine theme park visitors, they are cute and talented performers able to balance balls and walk on their flippers; to environmentalists, they are defenceless pups slaughtered for their pristine fur; to commercial fishermen they are a threat to fish stocks; and to wild-life enthusiasts they are among the most spectacular creatures to watch at play in the wild.

Throughout history, seals have played a substantial role in many cultures, providing food, fuel and clothing for indigenous tribes in the Northern Hemisphere’s frozen regions. Because of their expressive faces, these marine mammals have also been the focus of many legends, ranging from the ‘selchie’ stories of north-western Europe (in which seals are believed to be women and children condemned to a life where neither land nor sea provide a permanent home) to the superstitions that it is bad luck to kill a seal because they embody the souls of dead sailors.
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