Morality, Atrocities and Evolution

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Going to make you think about some deeper things today, and linking to three articles. Plus a bonus song at the end.

People have criticized creationists for pointing out the fruits of evolutionary thinking. Some have said things like, "Evolution is just biology, nothing more". When I hear something like that I wonder if that person is uninformed, disingenuous or something else. The fact is that ideas have consequences, and evolution is not just biology, geology, cosmology and other things, but a worldview. Evolution is treated like some kind of entity that has goals and makes decisions, which is consistent with its ancient pantheistic pagan roots.

Scientists are not dispassionate and totally objective automatons. Using materialistic presuppositions, evolutionary scientists attempt to find the human soul and the source of free will in the brain. But processes of evolution cannot account for logic, the soul, free will — or morality. Making morality a utilitarian result of evolution removes the true basis of good and evil. I suggest you read the first article of the day, "Thank Evolution that Nothing Is Evil (or Good)".

To change direction a bit, the Evo Sith will use the vague phantom of "religion" (usually when attacking Christianity) and say that Christians have done lots of evil in the world, so evolution is not to blame if people misuse it. This kind of view shows a lack of deep thought. When people purporting to act in the name of Christ (or simply have called themselves "Christian"), they are acting contrary to the teachings of Jesus.
This correspondent, Jeff D. from the USA, objects to our article Darwin’s bodysnatchers: new horrors: People deliberately killed to provide 'specimens' for evolutionary research. But these are tired old canards that Christians do bad things themselves, and in any case, the Bible has nasty things in it. Although we have addressed these claims many times on our site already (see related articles below), we thought it was worthwhile to answer these claims, using both new and old material. Thus the letter is printed first in its entirety, then re-printed with point-by-point responses by Dr Jonathan Sarfati interspersed.
To finish reading the second article of the day, click on "Christian vs evolutionary atrocities".

Evolutionists have attempted to find morality by studying primates. Since we supposedly are related to chimpanzees, watching chimps gives them the idea of how our morality developed through evolution. Makes sense, right? I didn't think so. Yet, animal morality has only superficial resemblance to human morality.

Atheism and evolutionism are incoherent and lack the necessary preconditions of human experience; they do not have answers for the questions of life.
Prominent primatologist Frank de Waal of the Yerkes Primate Center has, on the basis of his observations of primates, shared with the world his answer to the question, “Where did morality come from?” De Waal is an atheist but doesn’t mind it if other people cling to religious ideas because he believes religious ritual strengthens community ties. His book, The Bonobo and the Atheist, asserts that morality evolved as humans evolved. He further holds that humans eventually invented religion in order to codify a blueprint for moral behavior.

De Waal, having observed chimps and bonobos for years, says that they display empathy, fairness, altruism, grief, and guilt. De Waal writes, “Some say animals are what they are, whereas our own species follows ideals, but this is easily proven wrong. Not because we don't have ideals, but because other species have them too.” Thus in the usual approach taken by evolutionists in explaining biological similarities, common designs are claimed as evidence for evolution rather than for a common Designer. Thus, de Waal believes that apes possess the “basic building blocks” for morality, those “seeds of morality” that flowered in humans evolving from ape-like ancestors.
To continue reading the third article of the day, click on "Where Did Morality Come From?". Only biblical Christianity deals with the big questions. That, I believe, is why evolutionists hate God and the authority of the Bible. God is the Creator, and he makes the rules. Not us.