Finding Anti-Creation Facebook Fakers

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

EDIT: Please also read this related, more recent article, "Faker Alert for Facebook".

Enemies of creation science are not content to deal with the topics. Instead, they want to "protect" what they call "science" (which includes equivocating "science" with "evolution"), attempt to outlaw the its teaching in schools, misrepresentation, ridicule and other ways to silence us.

In addition, they use other nefarious tricks. Earlier today, I helped sound an alarm about fake Facebook accounts impersonating Creation Ministries International and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (which have since been removed after action from CMI). This is nothing new, since there are often warnings made about impersonations of Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, Ray Comfort and other Christians and creationists. (It happens to "regular" people and ministries as well as the "big names".) Atheists and evolutionists are not content to have anti-Christian and anti-creationist Pages, forums, sites, Weblogs and so on, but have to resort to fraud. "Good without God"? No, what they are doing is lying, and it is illegal as well. One atheopath criminal extends his evolutionary jihad to the Intelligent Design community as well; the comments at this link are very interesting. Edit: In my opinion, the many atheists and evolutionists who know about this stuff going on and do not raise objections are giving tacit approval.

This is written specifically about Facebook. I do not have knowledge about such things on Google Plus or other social media, but believe that Twitter is low risk.

"But Cowboy Bob, what's the harm in taking a friend request?"

Too many people are careless in that. Some "friends" can access your information and see your other friends. (My wife had a "friend" say that she had problems with her account, so she made a new one and sent new friend requests. Then my wife was spammed.) I recommend doing "friends only" for most posting, and not letting the public see who your friends are. Carelessly "friending up" people is one of the causes of identity theft.

How can we tell if someone is trying to fool us? While nothing is foolproof, there are some things to keep in mind. First, two graphics. The fake Creation Ministries International, followed by the real one:

Click for larger. Older style Page format, not an indicator of deception, though.

Click for larger. Newer style Page format, not a guarantee that it's genuine, though.
Here are some things I found in my explorations of fake Pages and troll accounts:
  • The Page is fairly recent; CMI shows several years in its Page's history
  • Check the number of "Likes", as fake Pages are usually pretty low in Likes; CMI has over 36,000
  • Page activity may be sparse or have several posts loaded up within a short time, but the time stamp can indicate when things were posted
  • Sometimes fake Pages and those pretending to be real people have spelling errors (for instance, Jonathan Sarfati may be written as Sarfatti)
  • Content that is inconsistent with what you would expect from the real Page
  • Criminal impersonation of personal timelines are often very new, with little history
  • Check for mutual friends, there may be few or none at all
  • Trust your instincts, especially if you've been around Facebook for a while
While there is probably very little harm in liking a Page, it gives them attention and publicity through your own timeline. Making friends with fakers is very risky, as I described above.

"What if I turn down a friend request or do not like a real Page?"

If it's a real friend, he or she may respect your caution and is unlikely to dislike you for not responding in a hurry (some "friend"), so take your time. If the Page is legitimate, you can probably check it out later. I've long maintained that haste is one of Satan's tools. Even if you don't believe that Satan exists, you can accept the principle that rushing into things without due consideration can be disastrous. The more important the issue (including money you have to spend), the more important it is to take your time. Free bonus helpful hint from Cowboy Bob.

What this all comes down to is to be cautious, take your time, check for indicators like those mentioned above. These atheopaths do not respect you, your beliefs, God, the Bible or the law.