Chameleons, Evidence of Creation

When I was young, I had a couple of chameleons in a small plastic shoebox-like container. At least, I thought they were chameleons. They were marketed that way. Much later, I learned that they were not chameleons at all, but a distant relative known as green anoles. These lizards could do a bit of color changing, and were cute. My mother didn't like them.

Yemen chameleon / Pixabay / miniformat65
True chameleons are famous for being able to change their colors so they can blend with their backgrounds. This is only a legend. There are about 160 species, and many do change color to some extent, but the blending with the background is part of their natural coloration and their conduct. Chameleons are skilled hunters and hiders, with extremely efficient abilities. Eyes, tail, ultra-fast tongue — truly a product of the Creator, not of evolutionary processes.
He might look bizarre to you, but not to a bug. With his impressive arsenal of specialized hunting equipment, the chameleon is truly a master of disaster.

Stealth. Patience. Vigilance. Slowly the hunter moves unseen among the branches. His independently rotating eyes constantly scan the leafy canopy in every direction. No insect is safe within striking distance of his infamous weapon—a fast-acting and deadly accurate catapulting tongue. Aided by his steady grip and excellent vision, the chameleon is always ready to seize unsuspecting prey.
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