Heidelberg Man Can Hit the Road

As we observed in the last exciting episode, the "mosaic" of human evolution is more like a scattered jigsaw puzzle. Part of the problem is from making conclusions based on incomplete evidence. Another problem is insisting on evolutionary presuppositions even though the evidence does not fit.

Imagine this scenario. You go to an auto mechanic because something just isn't right. The mechanic says, "There are several possible causes for this. I'm going to pick one and make repairs based on that one and ignore the rest". Would you trust that mechanic? Me, I'd go to my usual mechanic, who looks at the possibilities and reasons to the best conclusion.

Heidelberg Man (Homo heidelbergensis) was one of the alleged ancestors for various branches of humanity's evolutionary tree. This bad boy was another one with several possible variations scattered over a wide area. Now the debate has increased beyond his place in evolutionary history — he may not have even existed, even in the eyes of evolutionists. Which is well in keeping with the biblical creationist worldview.
Is “Heidelberg Man” a non-person? Some anthropologists are now claiming that so-called Homo heidelbergensis is nothing more than “a paleoanthropologists’ construct.”

Artists loved to portray this guy as a a hairy, stocky, beetle-browed ancestor of Neanderthals and modern humans that lived supposedly 800,000 to 200,000 years ago. Trouble is, he may never have existed. Homo heidelbergensis may have been little more than a paleoanthropologists’ invention, a report by Michael Balter states in Science Magazine. He attended a private meeting in southern France where researchers on both sides debated the status of this alleged human ancestor.
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