Bird Fossils Peck Away at Deep Time Beliefs

The flap over well-preserved tissues and bones in fossils continues. Not only are more and more being found in dinosaur remains, but they are found in other fossils as well. According to materialists' dating methods, these fossils are alleged to be millions of years old, so soft tissues and such simply cannot last for such long periods of time. Unfortunately, secularists are so locked into their mindset, they have to deal from the bottom of the deck in hopes that they get a winning hand. That'll be the day! The truth is, what they continually discover debunks long ages and evolution, and supports recent the Genesis Flood and recent creation.

Credit: Pixabay / suju
Two creationary organizations released articles about sensational bird fossil discoveries, and I thought they were both reports on the same thing. Nope, didn't happen. So I'm giving you a twofer in this post. The first involves finding a gland that secretes oil that birds use for preening and such, and is essentially identical to that of modern birds. Evolutionists are frantically spinning their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings© in hopes that they can explain away the facts.
The Messel Pit has yielded some of the best-preserved fossils in the world. Even in the context of previous amazing finds at the site, this discovery struck the scientists by surprise. Gerald Mayr, ornithologist for the institute, remarked,”The discovery is one of the most astonishing examples of soft part preservation in animals. It is extremely rare for something like this to be preserved for such a long time.” It’s astonishing because paleontologists know that “The organic materials that the soft parts consist of usually decompose within decades, or even just a few years.” And yet the lipids analyzed from the sample have kept their chemical composition for 48 million Darwin Years. How?
To read the entire article, click on "Fossil Bird Oil Stuns Scientists". Don't forget to come back for the next installment. 

Welcome back for the second exciting report! It's exciting for biblical creationists, anyway. This time, paleontologists found bird bones that shouldn't be there. That is, the bones should have permineralized. Not only do the bones exist in good condition, but they are intricate and modern — like in the chirpers we have today. To make matters worse, the fossil is 40 million Darwin years out of place. Oh, boy.
Recently, Chinese researchers described their discovery of the “earliest” bird fossil with fused pelvic bones, just like modern birds. Also like modern birds, this fossil appears to be made of original bone, not mineralized bone (which would be rock). Could any process preserve actual bones for 120 million years?
To read the rest, click on "Stunning Bird Fossil Has Bone Tissue". I would say that evolution is for the birds, but even they are testifying against that flight of fancy.